Baby Names That Mean Love

 What means love to you?  Maybe you don’t want a name that is so literal in it’s meaning of love, but you still want to give a nod to the love that your child personifies.  Maybe your partner gives you the same kind of flower for special occasions.  In this case, the name Rose, Lily or Daisy would be special for your family.  Where was your first date?  Did you take a special trip?  Where did you get married?  Where did he ask you to marry him?  Do you have a place you like to go when you want to get away from it all?  Do you love to garden?  Maybe the name of your favorite garden plant or tree means love to you.  Let your imagination roam and make lists of the things that are special for the two of you.  There are probably many names in there that you had not thought of before.


 What means love to your extended family?  Genealogy charts are great places to look for family names that haven’t been used in several generations.  Combining elements of names from both sides of your family or using the name of a beloved ancestor is a wonderful and sweet way to honor those who have come before you.  Sometimes families have traditions for names that you want to continue.  In my husband’s family, the middle name “Jean” for girls has been going on for several generations and we wanted to continue the tradition.  Hence our daughter’s name, Emma Jean.

There are many ways to infuse your child’s name with the meaning of love, from the literal to the deeply personal.  Ideally, each child is a manifestation of the love between two people.  When you are blessed that this is true for you, putting love in your child’s name only makes sense.  Happy Valentines Day!

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    Just a quick FYI from a fluent Japanese speaker – the name “Mana” can be written with a lot of different kanji characters, and only one spelling means “love”. It can also be spelled with character that mean anything from “truth”, to “midsummer”, to “lush greenery”!

    If you want a Japanese girls’ name that means “love” for sure, you’d do better to go with “Ai” (“love”, pronounced “aye”), or “Aiko” (“loving/beloved child”, pronounced “AYE-koh”).