Butterfly Stained Glass Craft

Try this fun and easy butterfly stained glass craft with your kids this summer.

Butterfly stained glass craft


I don’t know about you, but I am always looking for things to do with my kids during the summer.  We try to spend time outside each day, but during the hottest times we like to hunker down indoors.  I’m always on the hunt for quick and easy crafts that the kids will enjoy.  And mom too!

This butterfly stained glass craft is easy and lets the kids show their creativity.



The great thing about this craft is that all you need is a few items that I bet you have in your home.  To make your own butterfly stained glass craft you need:

  • Press and seal
  • Glitter or confetti
  • Cardstock paper
  • Scissors
  • Glue or tape

Tear out a piece of the press and seal and lay it with the sticky side up.  Let your little artist cover the sheet with glitter or confetti.  My daughter wanted to use glitter so she tossed glitter on our press and seal.  When she was done, I folded the piece in half to seal the glitter.


Allow your little one to draw a butterfly on the cardstock.  Then cut out some circles or any other shape for the butterflies wings.  Glue the press and seal on the back of the butterfly so that it shows through the shapes you just cut out.  Trim any overlap of the press and seal and you are done!

All you have left to do is hang your new stained glass masterpiece.  The great thing about this project is that it can accommodate any age.  My daughter picked out her paper, traced out the butterfly shape and let me cut out the circles for her.  If you have a younger child, then they can help with the glitter or confetti part.  Feel free to make as many stained glass butterflies as your little artist wants!

Stained glass crafts for kids

Want some other ideas of stained glass crafts to do with your kiddos? Here are some of my favorites!


I love this tissue paper stained glass by Jean over at the ArtfulParent.The colors are so bold and beautiful.


This fun stained glass craft is by Susissitcom, and uses glue and paint, and it turns out amazing! (If you have older kids, you may enjoy this stained glass.  It’s a little more work but the results.)

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Have mason jars at home?  Mason jar crafts love uses them to make these gorgeous Mondrian faux stained glass jars!  I think this is a great way to repurpose old jars.


If you want even more butterfly crafts, we have 5 easy butterfly crafts right here on Blissfully Domestic!  We love a good butterfly craft!


Make and takes show you how to make a stained glass kite instead of a butterfly!  And we think it turned out so cute!


Learn to Grow shows us how to make stained glass with pieces of nature!  This is great because you get outside to collect your leaves, flowers, etc and then come inside to craft.


One one more super cute butterfly craft to try with your kids.  We just adore this butterfly feet craft that Amanda shared here on Blissfully Domestic!

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