Wondering what you can do with Cranberries? 10 perfect ideas!

Holiday season is cranberry season!  The bright red color brings a nice pop to tables and decor everywhere.  We’ve rounded up 10 great ways to use all those fresh cranberries at the grocery store.  Whether to smell, see or eat – it’s perfect to include cranberries in your holiday plans.

Cranberry scented Massage Candle

From the Soap Deli News Blog –  A Cranberry Massage Candle. When the wax is melted, massage some into your hands for a moisture boost and softness!


You don’t have to over think your table decor with these easy Scented Cranberry Centerpieces by Madigan Made

White Cosmopolitan

Your guests would love to be served a Cranberry “White Cosmopolitan” Cocktail from That Skinny Chick Can Bake

cranberry garland

Get the kids involved. You can string this anywhere and use all over your house.  Cranberry Garland  – JJ Begonia has the instructions.

orange-and-cranberry-yule lights

Not only do these look pretty, they are going to give a lovely scent. Dried orange and cranberry Yule Lanterns – 5 Orange Potatoes

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Fresh cranberry salsa

Shake up your cranberry sauce – fresh cranberries in Cranberry Salsa – Blissfully Domestic

cranberry popsicles

Leftover Cranberry Sauce and Greek yogurt popsicles!! – She Likes Food


Looks so delicious!Goat Cheese and Chia Cranberry Crostini – Eat Good 4 Life

cranberry lemon quick bread

Perfect for packing in lunches or enjoying with a cup of tea in the afternoon.Vegan Cranberry Lemon quick bread – Veganosity

brie and turkey with cranberry mustard sandwich

I can’t stop thinking about all the ways to use Cranberry Mustard (featured on a grilled brie cheese and turkey sandwich  – wow!) – Feasting at Home

Do you have a favorite way to use fresh cranberries during the holiday season?

What do you think?