Cereal Box Cut-Out Crafts Matching Game

Create your own Memory style matching game with cereal boxes. This will make it a quick and easy educational game for preschoolers.

Open and flatten out your old brightly colored cereal, and other food, boxes. Choose about 6 different solid colors and cut out 2 pairs of same-size squares or circles from each.

Cereal box circles for repurposed memory game for preschoolers

I used a circle cutter to get uniform shapes with guaranteed smooth edges. You could also trace a cup or saucer size plate. The trick is to make sure that the boxes you use are similar width, but differing colors.

Memory game for preschoolers

Let your children turn over the pieces, shuffle them, lay them out, and start matching. Such a simple and easy learning activity for young children and if they lose the pieces, rip them up or drool, color, or mark them, etc. you aren’t out any money. Genius.

Do you reuse your cereal boxes and other tossables for crafts around the house? Kids don’t care if they cost a lot of money – they just want to play! 

What do you think?