DIY Hostess Gifts for the Holidays

Have you ever been invited to a Holiday party and felt like you should bring a gift to the hostess? Whether you’re thinking small scale or spendy, a hostess gift is a kind gesture to let her know you appreciate her invitation and hard work in preparing for the event. You could take a bottle of wine, a candle or a home baked basket of goodies. No matter what gift you choose, it will be special to the recipient. {Not many people give hostess gifts these days.}

What if you saved yourself the time and travel to the store and made a hostess gift? The money would be less spent. Most importantly, DIY gifts are often times the very most special…and rarely forgotten. Today I’ve gathered 9 of my favorite hostess gift ideas that you can use throughout the holidays.

Hostess Gifts for the Holidays - Homemade Body Scrub

/1/ Homemade Body Scrub – After a long evening of entertaining her guests, your hostess will be thanking you for bringing this gift.

DIY hostess gifts for the holidays - Wine bottle sleeve

/2/ Wine Bottle Sleeve – Do you have a few sweaters in your closet that you don’t plan on wearing anymore? Cut the sleeves off and use them for wine bottle sleeve! While most every host will enjoy a bottle of wine, it’s not everyday someone dresses a bottle up for her.

DIY hostess gifts for the holidays - potted paperwhite indoor bulb arrangement

/3/ Potted Paperwhites – I’m a huge fan of personalized gifts. If you were to bring me this Anthropolgy mug with bulbs already planted I would be one happy camper! {you don’t have to use Paperwhites. Use any bulb plant!}

Hostess Gifts for the Holidays - DIY wooden cutting board

/4/ Monogrammed Cutting Board – Have you ever wanted to try your hand at wood burning? This simple tutorial gives you step-by-step instruction on how to create this one of a kind gift for your hostess.

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DIY Hostess Gifts for the Holidays - Homemade cocoa mixes

/5/ Coffee Stained Gift Set – The creator of this gift box filled it with a hot chocolate selection. You could fill it with whatever your heart desires. How about jarred cookie ingredients? Or, Chili ingredients? The possibilities are endless!

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DIY Hostess Gifts for the Holidays - Homemade wine glass charms

/6/ Wine Glass Charms – How many times have you been to a party and put your wine glass down only to turn and see that someone placed theirs right beside yours? Do you risk the germs? You won’t need to now. Make these easy wine glass charms to gift to your hostess and then use them at tonight’s party!

DIY Hostess Gifts for the Holidays - wooden coasters


/7/ Wooden Coasters – The weather is perfect right now to go out and find a few fallen branches from trees. Carefully use a saw to cut coaster-sized medallions, decorate, and give. There’s no greener gift.

Etched glass DIY hostess gifts for the holidays

/8/ Personalized Etched Glass Dish – This is quite possibly my favorite hostess gift in the round-up. Who wouldn’t LOVE a piece of Pyrex with their name on it? See how many people try to take your dish from the next potluck dinner! Wait until you see how simple it it to make at home!

DIY Hostess gifts for the holidays - Assemble a homemade gift basket

/9/ Holiday Gift Basket –  If you aren’t sure any of the above DIY projects are for you, just gather a few goodies, wrap them pretty with brown paper or burlap, arrange them nicely in a basket and go. Gift baskets are an excellent gift for ANY hostess!

So, tell us, do you bring your hostess a gift when invited to a party? Share with us on our Facebook page.

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