Fun and Quirky Elf on the Shelf Ideas

Fun and Quirky Elf on the Shelf Ideas
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It wasn’t until a couple of years ago did I notice this little elf pop up EVERYWHERE in my social media feeds. He was all over Twitter and Instagram. You would be hard pressed to miss him on Facebook or Google+. It was like Thanksgiving 2011 brought an army of elves to my daily broadcasts. {Upon further research, I discovered The Elf on the Shelf was actually created in 2004. Who knew?} I witnessed through photos these little elves do silly things and naughty things and sometimes just regular things. Crazy enough, I found myself looking forward to what the elves would do next. Each morning I’d run to Instagram to see the shenanigans.

I’m so excited to show you some of those elf shenanigans today. You can recreate these ideas in your home with your elf. You can almost see the delight in your child’s eyes now, I just know it!

So, here we go! I’ve got fantastic photos and great ideas. Join me!

Reindeer training elf on the shelf
Everyone Wants to be Rudolph by Little Bit Funky

*Your elf can make your child’s lunch filled with the four elf food groups. ie; candy, candy canes, sugar and cane syrup.
*Prop your elf up on a photo frame to keep watch.
*Have him ride around the train at the bottom of the Christmas tree.

elf on the shelf stockings
Jonahbonah’s naughty elf switched the stockings for the kid’s undies.

Elf sipping syrup
An Elf’s Favorite Drink by Lil Blue Boo.

Duct Tape Elf on the Wall - Great EOTS ideas
Jennifer Saintz’s elf became a victim.

Elf on the Shelf Ideas - Hiding In Picture Frames
This elf just wants to be a part of the family.

elf on the shelf ideas - William Tell with a bow and arrow
An elf playmate? Things just got very interesting!

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*Have your elf write a message in toothpaste or a dry-erase marker for the kids.
*Put your elf and a few friends {Buzz Lightyear, a favorite teddy bear, a nutcracker} against each other in a sack race.
*Change the color of your milk to green with food coloring and make Elf Milk.

Elf on the shelf ideas - fun in the sun elf
It’s not sunny in many places during December. A Small Snippet’s elf brought Florida to him.

elf on a shelf in hot air balloons
Up, up, and away with your elf by Hello It’s Me…Kiki Dee.

elf on a shelf er.....tree
Uh-oh, this elf TP’d the Christmas tree!

There are truly HUNDREDS of things your elf could do. Has your elf done something that is too good to not share? Leave a link in the comments section showing us. Or, show us on our Facebook page.

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