Gift Ideas For Photographers

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, you may have gotten some hints as to what the photographer in your life would love as a gift. Or maybe you want to surprise her with a gift that will rock her world. Luckily, photography gifts come in a variety of options and wide range of prices. We collected just a small sampling of ‘perfect gifts’ for the woman in your life!

collage3txt1. Every photographer needs a bag. Every woman, dreams of an Epiphanie Camera Bag. 2. You carry your love of photography in your heart, why not share that love with a little earring bling by Rebecca Arehn! 3. Mother Nature doesn’t always cooperate with our need to take photos. Cute photography gloves by Craftsy will keep her fingers toasty while she snaps all those early morning soccer  games. 4. This little pocket size tripod will take your pictures to the next level. The Gorillapod can wrap around rocks and pole to get even the most difficult selfie.
collage2txt1. Never let your photographer be left without memory to take more photos. This iFlash Drive can plug in to iPods, iPads and iPhones without the hassle of sinking photos on to your computer!  2. Every photographers dreams of taking better photos. Help the photographer you love hone her skills with a subscription to Popular Photography. 3. Lens are a photographers best friend. Celebrate that friendship with a Canon Camera Lens Mug for her favorite morning java. 4. The eyes are the lens to the soul, why not give her a lens to yours? This lens pendant by The Pendant Garden is sure to win her heart.
collage1txt1. As photographers we strive to capture life. What a great remembrance of that philosophy than with this print by Frilly Chili Designs. 2. Share her love of her camera with this gorgeous vintage camera pendant by AL Joyeria. 3. Accessorizing is key. What better way than with a beautiful new Spring Break Camera Strap? 4. Share your photographers sense of humor with this sassy t-shirt by Ice Cream Tees.

Do you have a photographer ‘must have‘ gift that we forget? Share your wish list or dream gift in the comments. What would send your heart a flutter?

What do you think?