How To Make Marble Magnets

Marble magnets are fun to make as gifts, favors, or Easter-basket stuffers. If you read a lot of magazines, marble magnets are a great way to make further use of them before tossing them in the recycling bin. You can create sets with any theme you can think of, or none at all. Disclaimer: this craft is addictive!

DIY Materials:
– Flat-bottomed glass marbles, available at most craft and garden stores. I prefer clear glass, but feel free to experiment with colors!
– Small round magnets, also available at craft stores
– Clear silicone glue
– Scissors
– Pen or pencil
– Old magazines, old books, scrapbook paper, even a thin fabric… any pretty material that appeals to you!

DIY Instructions:
1. Select a picture or pattern. Place a marble over the image to make sure you like the effect.

2. Holding the marble to the paper with one hand, trace around completely with the other hand. Make sure you don’t lose your marble (ha ha!) after tracing, because no two marbles are exactly alike.

3. Cut out the image, cutting slightly inside your trace. This will ensure that the paper fits under the marble with no messy edges. As an alternative to tracing and cutting, you could also use a round craft punch of similar size, and then trim to fit (or not).

4. Apply a small drop of silicone glue to a round magnet. Quickly place the cut-out image on top and press down gently, making sure it’s centered on the magnet. Allow to dry for a few minutes.

5. Here’s the best part! Put another drop of silicone glue on top of the paper, then place the marble on top and press firmly. The glue will spread out to the edges, eliminating any glue bubbles. If the paper seems loose at the edges of the magnet, carefully press it upwards against the magnet to make sure it sticks.

6. Admire your cute new magnet, and make more! Here’s a set I made for my mom.

Altoids tins are perfect for packaging marble magnets, but if you need something fancier, craft-specific tins of similar size are available online.

If you use a cork board, you might want to purchase plain round thumbtacks and glue the marbles to those instead of to magnets! In that case, I would recommend a stronger glue for attachment to the tack.

Thanks to Not Martha for the initial idea. I’ve enjoyed this craft for many years!

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    I LOVE.

  2. 7

    These are great!! I want to make some now!

  3. 8

    Love it! You are so right about these being addicting! I really like the XOXO one you did in the example!

  4. 9

    Love! I’ve wanted to make these but never really thought about how they were done. I think maybe you gave me some at some point! Anyway, I love magnets since they are cute and practical. I might try these soon! Sounds like a good rainy-day project and then I’d have a stash to give people as little gifts.

  5. 10

    What a great idea – because I have a bunch of cute scrapbook paper and a bunch of those tins and wasn’t sure how I would use them up!

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    These are adorable! I’ll have to make these with the girls. They could make a good birthday gift for Ginny come August.