How To Make Your Own Pretend Makeup Kit


My daughter is only 4 but is already a bit obsessed with make-up. She loves watching me apply mine and she loves (unfortunately) to sneak into it when the opportunity presents itself. Yeah, that’s not a fun thing to clean up. So far, she’s applied mascara (quite well, I would add) to herself and her brothers, put enough lipstick on her face to prepare a clown for the center ring, and brushed glittery powder all over her doll’s hair.

In other news, I’m about to embark on a huge reorganization of my bathroom cabinets. I have makeup in there leftover from the 90’s. I’m not kidding. It’s obviously ready for the trash.  But I’m glad I haven’t tossed it yet.


While looking around online tonight for some fun projects to do with the kids between now and the beginning of the school year, I found this *brilliant* idea for making your own play makeup. It’s from Parent Hacks and I can’t wait to try it!

Check it out here>>>

(photo by Rivo)

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