How To Take Extraordinary Vacation Photos

School is almost out which means summer vacation is right around the corner. Whether you are traveling abroad or enjoying a quiet stay-cation, you can still document your fun filled days with you trusty camera. Follow these tips to take your every day vacation photos to extraordinary vacation photos

1. Be Spontaneous

Spontaneous Family Photos on VacationForget the cliche family picture at the beach. Embrace your fun and silly side for a more memorable and exciting family picture. (Photo Credit: Bookt)

2. Soak In The Scenery

Capture the scenery for vacation photosI am a sucker for street scene and pictures of doors. Look for opportunities to capture the town in various lighting. I love the depth of this picture after an afternoon rainfall. (Photo Credit: Scenic Reflections)

3. Savor The Sunsets

Take sunset photos on family tripsNothing is better than soaking in the colors and warmth of a sunset. Even better is that it is almost impossible to ruin a sunset photo. With all the colors and depth you are sure to get some beautiful shots. (Photo Credit: Grant’s VP)

4. Focus On Faces

Take pictures of your family's expressionsGet up close and personal with your pictures, with people you know of course! This picture could have been taken farther away to get the whole castle in, but this angle instantly warms the heart. (Photo Credit: Myrtle Beach)

5. Patterns

Shoot the architecture, lights, and patterns you seeNature and architecture provide a wide array of patterns and designs. Add the right lighting or a different angle and you have a digital masterpiece. (Photo Credit: Derek Brad)

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6. Capture Wildlife

Capture the wildlife you see on your travelsWhere ever your travels take you this summer, there is bound to be wildlife. Whether it is your cute neighborhood squirrel or tropical birds and fish, animals are great photo subjects. (Photo Credit: Photography Heat)

7. Find Beauty In The Everyday

Everyday items on your vacation are worth photographing tooFarmers markets, county fairs and carnivals offer a wide array of photo possibilities. Look for opportunities to capture the colors, textures and excitement that you or others are experiencing. (Photo Credit: Esabet)

8. Gear

Gear for vacation photography Any photographer knows that if you are going to travel, you need a comfortable and safe way to tote your gear. But if traveling with your family, don’t go overboard and pack every lens you own. Pick a few key lens that will work in a variety of situations and save the extra room for souvenirs. (Photo Credit: Werd)

9. Memory

Take all the accessories you need for vacation photographyDon’t be left stranded without enough memory for all your vacation memories! Pack extra cards or even a flash drive to store all your pictures so you can keep snapping! (Photo Credit: Digi Photo)

Bonus Tip: Don’t leave all your beautiful captures stashed away in folders on your computer. Print and frame some of your pictures to remind you of your travels or make a photobook your whole family can enjoy throughout the year!

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