Inspiring Sun and Moon Photography

I am always looking for fun and different photo ideas and love the concept of all the creative photography options using the sun and moon as props. The possibilities are endless and Pinterest is chalked full of ideas.  Here are my top ten picks for easy to do and inspiring sun and moon photos.

Just Add Water

Creative night shots with watering the moonFarmer, farmer, how does your moon grow? Just add a watering can and you can create the illusion of growing a full summer moon. (Photo Credit: Natalie Len)


Hold the moon in your handPapa, please get the moon for me! Now your children can catch their own little piece of the moon with this easy sibling photo idea. (Photo Credit: )

Sun Warrior

Yoga pose holding the sunMorning sun salutations are even better with a partner. This photo is the perfect blend of color and fun with a dash of peaceful solitude. (Photo Credit: Above Top Secret)

Turn Back Time

The time of the night moon photographyShare your favorite time of day with simple clock hands against the rising moon. Use it to document the birth of your children or the time you met your partner. The possibilities are endless! (Photo Credit: Anandolu)

Breakfast of Champions

Tea time moon photographyNothing is better than starting your day off with a big bowl of sunshine. Capture a sliver of the sun as it peeks out from behind the morning clouds. (Photo Credit: Church Mag)

Flex Those Muscles

Kicking the moon photography inspirationGet your workout in with the help of the moon. Don’t let the moon push  you around. Push back and show the big guy who is boss. (Photo Credit: Petapixel)

He Shoots, He Scores

Basketball pose with the moon photographyWhat better way to show that you are at the top of you game or show off you mad ball palming skills? You could even do a soccer pose while kicking the sun. (Photo Credit: SnapfishUK)

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 To The Moon And Back

Climbing to the moon photography inspirationWhat lengths will you go to to demonstrate your love? Would you capture the moon? A great photo to place in your child’s bedroom or playroom so they never forget the depth of your love. (Photo Credit: Petapixel)


The sun as a marble photography idea Think the sun is a beautiful glowing marble, begging to go tumbling across the sky? The color variations of the setting sun offer endless possibilities for this photo op. (Photo Credit: Mitra Mirshahidi)

Fresh Paint

Painting the moon photo idea Even the moon needs a little sprucing up now and then. Enhance its evening glow with a fresh coat of moon paint. (Photo Credit: Petapixel)

I personally can’t wait to try some of these imaginative photo opportunities with some of the world’s oldest photo subjects. I really think it will be a great way to document the carefree and laid back days of summer with my boys. And of course, decorate my walls with little pieces from heaven!

What do you think?



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    Thanks! There are some new ones here!

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    I’m exactly like you in that I am always looking for inspirational photos that give me new ideas when my creativity is sleeping. These photos that you’ve posted are so original, I’m totally gonna try some of them!!!