Picture Worthy Moments Just Outside Your Door

You don’t need to go on vacation to get great photo captures. Some of the best picture worthy moments are waiting for you right outside your door. Here are some ideas for must-take pictures while you are relaxing on the home front.

1. Nighttime

moonGreat pictures don’t always have to be taken during the day. With the right setting on your camera you can capture the gorgeousness of the night moon before you say goodnight. (Photo Credit: Angujuana)

2. Chalk Fun

chalkYou can’t deny the whimsical feeling that sidewalk chalk brings. The driveway is your palate with endless possibilities. (Photo Credit: Carrieanne Miranda)

3. Trampoline Action

flyingWhile the trampoline has gotten a bad rap through the years, I love this idea of using it for good. Change your viewing angle and add some balloons to catch a picture of your child flying through the air. (Photo Credit: Sarah Bond)

4. Lighting

swingThe late afternoon sky is a great time to capture soft glowing photos. Whether it is of your child or your sweetheart, the afternoon sunlight is a great addition to any photo. (Photo Credit: Paisley Studios)

5. Action Photos

umbrellaWe all think of summer as a time to sit back and relax. But children have a different idea. Give them an open field and they feel the urge to run! What better way to capture your free spirit than chasing then through wide open spaces. (Photo Credit: Oxana Guryanova)

6. Bare Feet

feetSummer means swimsuits, tank tops and bare feet. Don’t forget to preserve those memories of when their feet were small. Just think of where those feet may take them! (Photo Credit:Backyard Photography)

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7. Sprinklers

sprinklerSprinklers are a summer staple and a great way to cool off while having a blast doing it. They also provide for great photography fodder! You can’t go wrong with fast moving children and streams of water. (Photo Credit: )

8. Candids

natureSometimes the beauty in silence speaks volumes. Sit back and let your child do their own things. Watch for their reaction to the world and embrace their innocence. (Photo Credit: Maher Photography)

9. Get Buggy

bugWhile we typically steer clear of bugs, they do prove to be great photography subjects. Get up close and personal with some of your local species. (Photo Credit: Eugene Perhun)

10. Perspective

divingChange your point of view for a more interesting summertime fun picture. Lay on your stomach or back to look up at your subject for more depth and character in your photography. (Photo Credit: Madwell)

What is your favorite thing or person to photograph in your own backyard? Leave you answer in the comments or on our Facebook page.

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    Avatar Cassidy Halfmann says

    Great ideas!!!

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    The driveway is your palate. Right.