The Categories Game for Families and Kids

This thinking game can be planned most anywhere – in the car, while waiting in line, at the dinner table. The Categories Game is easy and can be adapted for most any age group. Like Family Feud, players guess answers that fit a particular category, but there’s no “survey says”. The round goes on and on until players run out of ideas. Try playing it with the kids on your next family road trip or while waiting for a doctor’s appointment or oil change. Best of all, no supplies are required. The Categories Game can be played anywhere, anytime.

Categories Family Game for Stretching Preschooler Minds

What is The Categories Game?

The Categories Game will have your kids searching their brains for items that fit a certain category. Some rounds will last ten minutes and others will last for hours, depending on the category selected. When choosing categories, consider the age and knowledge base of all the players. Choosing categories that are very basic in nature may sound boring, but after a few rounds, the game gets interesting, challenges most players and demands plenty of thinking. You may be surprised how many things actually have wheels after you start thinking about it.

How to Play The Categories Game

The basic rules are simple. Any other guidelines are decided on by the group playing the game.

  1. Choose a category
  2. Decide on an order that players will answer
  3. Start naming items (in the order decided in Step 2) that fit the category until players can’t name any more.

Repeating an item that has been named is not allowed. Players can decide if they want to put limits on how much time players are given to think of an answer.

Here’s an example of the beginning of a round of  The Categories Game: If the category is reptiles, player 1 names “snake”, the player 2 says, “crocodile” and player 3 says, “chameleon”. Player one names another and the process keeps going until no one can think of another reptile.

Category Ideas for The Categories Game

Here’s a list of some fun categories to get families started:

Things with wheels
Things you see in the sky
Things with a zipper
Things that have a string or strings
Games that use a ball
Musical Instruments
Candy Bars

Let the kids help you or get them started with everyday items from around your house! Photo by EvelynGiggles.

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    thx i needed a few categories.. candy brands. I play differently. I choose a category and a letter its harder but great job keep up the good work