Tried-and-True Thank You Notes

A little note can make such a difference!

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There are many reasons why thank you notes are so great. The note doesn’t have to be complicated. I know, I know….We are busy. We don’t always have cards on hand. There’s always an excuse. The truth is it only takes about five minutes to write a note. (I actually timed writing one the other day!) Plus, today we can also find modern ways to express gratitude. The most important part of the thank you is to let a person know how much his or her generosity or kindness is appreciated. Let’s make an effort and teach our children why thank you notes are important.

Why write a thank you note?

Do you still hang on to thoughtful thank you notes? In our hectic lives, when someone takes the time to send you a little gratitude it means so much! And is there anything better than a handwritten note by mail. Who doesn’t love a special note delivered by the mailman!

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When should you write a thank you?

The general rule is that if you open a gift when the giver is there and thank him in person sending a note is not necessary. (Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t write a thank you note anytime. Why not a write a quick thank you to let them know how much you are enjoying the gift!) But if you receive a present by mail or open presents later, it is important to write a thank you note.

Three steps to writing a thank you note after receiving a gift:

  1. Begin by talking about the gift. Say something positive. Have you used it? Did someone else comment on it. What did you really like about it?
  2. Then you thank them for thinking of you or for coming to your party or house.
  3. To end the note, just thank them a second time.

Thank-You Card Options:


The Home-made Card – These cards are my favorite and can be fun to make with your kids. They can range from a simple drawing to a more intricate art project. Maybe your child draws a picture of the gift. Or you can take a picture of your child and attach it to the card. Another fun idea is to trace your child’s hands, and either cut them out or just draw them on the card. Than just have them write a short note and send if off

The Store bought Card – There are so many beautiful options to have on hand today. Stock up so that you never run out. Get personalized stationary done both for you and your kids. Or try a cool new service where they always ship you cards each month to remind you to send out gratitude cards and make sure you never run out. Check out Gramr Grattitude Co.

The e-card –Send a thank you note by email. Avoid the extra stamp charge, and it is still a little more thought put into it than just an email. offers e-cards or try a free thank you e-card service such as to get your started.

The Creative Techy Card – Smart phones can help you capture a child’s excitement and reaction to opening a gift and to show how grateful you are. You can even film your child wearing the new dress or playing with the new soccer ball. Or take a picture of your child and create captions. Have your child holding the new gift and holding up a big ‘THANK YOU’ sign. Use to upload the video and share a link. Grandparents LOVE these notes!

A thank you card will never go out of style. But even with many different options, the good old-fashioned hand-written note is still my favorite. To help your kids get creative on the writing, download this complimentary Thank-you-drill.pdf from our award-winning book, The SMART Playbook.

Do you have a favorite creative thank you card to share?

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