Twenty Summer Date Ideas

by Sharee Basinger

Want some ideas on what to do with your sweetie this summer? It can be hard thinking of things to do sometimes. Let these ideas help inspire you. Don’t limit yourself to them. Use them as a springboard for even more.

#1. Go on a Picnic

by Shari Weinsheimer

This is an obvious summer date idea that gets forgotten way too often. Honestly, when did you go on a real picnic? Pack up a basket or cooler of sandwiches, cold friend chicken, fresh fruit, and drinks. Smoked salmon and crackers are also good. Or you can grab something from a restaurant and take it with you. Depends on you entirely. Don’t forget the blanket. Find a shady place without a lot of people around and sit at a picnic table or on the ground. Make it really special with a bottle of wine.

#2. Spend the Day at the Zoo

Penguins In Zoo by Petr Kratochvil

The zoo isn’t for just kids. Adults can have so much fun there. Pick a day when there are not a lot of kids around. Call the zoo ahead of time and ask. Tell them you want to have a date there. They will be help you find the right day. Plan on spending the whole day. Eat there. Have an ice cream cone. Laugh at the animals’ antics. Enjoy yourself. Let yourself be a kid at hear again.

#3. Tour a Local Museum

by Terrence Hatch at

Summer days can get hot and/or very wet. Don’t let that stop you from having a summer date with your love. Check out a local museum. It doesn’t have to be a big museum or a particular kind. See what is local for you. They are air conditioned and set up where you can have a leisurely stroll and see some incredible stuff. Find a nature museum, art museum, history museum, or a jelly bean museum. Have fun indoors on the not so friendly summer days.

#4. Pick a Local Spot

by Michael Drummond on

If you are like most people, you don’t see as much of the local area as tourists do. There are so many places you just never go to because they are local. Forget that. Pick someplace local you’ve never been to and visit it. It could be an historical place, a park, a theme park, or a hall of fame building. Spend the day together rediscovering your local home.

#5. Visit a Theme Park

by Peter Griffin on

Most people have a theme park of some size within an hour or so driving distance. When was the last time you went? Probably has been awhile. This is another spot you don’t have to have kids with to enjoy. Go ride a roller coaster. Kiss under a cartoon character sign. Have some fun.

#6. Go Horseback Riding

by Andrea Schafthuizen on

This typically gets you out of the hustle and bustle of city life and puts you in a peaceful sitting. Take the day and go horseback riding. You’ll find that it can be relaxing and so much fun especially if you’ve never been before. Combine it with a picnic or visiting a local spot you’ve never been to before.

#7. Check Out the Local Fair

by Petr Kratochvil on

At some point in the summer, a local fair will appear in town. You might find you have more than one show up. Go to it and have a great date. Ride the Ferris wheel and eat some cotton candy. You might even find an old fashion love canal you can enjoy.

#8. Go Swimming

by Marina Shemesh on

On those hot days, you don’t have to have your date inside. Go swimming. Find a local beach or swimming pool. It’s great to taka picnic lunch out to a secluded swimming spot and enjoy each other’s company.

#9. Take Yourself Out to a Ballgame

by Peter Griffin on

A great date during the summer is to go to a ballgame. If you don’t have a professional or semi-professional team, go see local softball leagues and kids play. You can have so much fun. Eat some hotdogs, popcorn, and enjoy a traditional game.

#10. Go Somewhere New

by Jiri Hodan on

Where have you been that you’ve never had the chance to go? Choose someplace you can afford to go to. Now, go. If you’ve never been to a certain city, take a trip there. Make it an all-day date or a weekend date. Don’t go to the same old places. Be different this time.

#11. Visit a Park

by Jiri Hodan on

So many towns have parks you can hang out in. They might have a pond on lake on them. They might have hiking trails. Check a local park out and discover a relaxing date. Have your picnic there. Go bird watching together. Just enjoy each other’s company.

#12. See a Show

by Vera Kratochvil on

Go to a theater. There are many professional and amateur groups in most communities. You can see a play, a ballet, or an opera. Even high schools have some great performances that are fun and exciting especially the musicals.

#13. Weekend Getaway

by Anna Langova on

Go sightseeing. Find a retreat where not even cell phones can work. Combine several of these suggestions into one weekend date. Spend a weekend in a cabin, at a spa, or in the mountains. The beach is a great weekend trip, too.

#14. Take a Trip

by Bobby Mikul on

Take that weekend getaway and expand it. Go to Disney World. Go somewhere that is fun and also gives you a chance to be alone as a couple. Go camping, hide away in a hotel, just go somewhere.

#15. See a Concert

by Peter Griffin on

Many concerts are held during the summer months to take advantage of the outdoor weather. See what is nearby. Find an entertainer you haven’t seen in years. Find a new one. Make more romantic memories.

#16. Go to a Festival

by caroline steinhauer on

These are not the same as theme parks. They are local festivals that might offer rides and shows. Each one is so different. You can see concerts, buy souvenirs and just spend some quality time together. Maybe even get your face painted. Eat cotton candy. Have fun.

#17. Pretend to be a Tourist

by Petr Kratochvil on

Try to see your town or city like a tourist. Visit the sites you have forgotten about. Forget the responsibilities you have living there. Become carefree in your own town and enjoy it. Take pictures. Kiss in public.

#18. Water/Jet Skiing

by Bobby Mikul on

This screams summer. Go water skiing on your date. Try jet skiing. You can rent the equipment if you don’t already have it. It is great for the really warm days. You’ll have some fun laughing with each other.

#19. Fly a Kite

by Peter Griffin on

Have you thought of doing this over the last few years? Probably not, but it can be so much fun and so relaxing. You’ll have a great time. Combine this with a picnic, swimming, or any other outdoor date idea.

#20. Sit on the Porch

by Linda Allardice on

This is a wonderfully romantic date. Just sit on the porch and enjoy the wonderful weather. Have a glass of lemonade. Watch the birds fly about or watch the stars come out. If you don’t have a porch, sit on a patio.

What do you think?