Welcome Christmas – Crafty Wreath Ideas

Every home needs a festive wreath to welcome guests at Christmas.  There is something special about a wreath that makes the home look so inviting. Here are a few ideas for lovely wreaths that will warm any area of your home all season.

Adding candy canes to a simple green wreath is a simple way to make a pop of color and a bit of old-fashioned charm. Just beware of little hands who may want to treat themselves!

This wreath is full of color and personality! Depending on the theme of your home, you can use whatever color ornaments you like. I like the mix of the bright, bold colors! Attach ornaments to wreath with craft wire, or glue ornaments around a Styrofoam wreath and make your own. Hang with a pretty ribbon and watch it glisten.

I have always loved using popcorn to decorate with at Christmas – so many memories of my siblings and I stringing some for our tree, but eating most! Glue the popcorn on the wreath until you are content with the fullness and texture – but be ready for little pieces that may come unglued and spring loose. Best to keep a bit of super glue handy just in case!

I love this one! Using scrapbook paper in festive holiday patterns and colors, string the paper onto craft wire and bend into a wreath shape. Use as much paper and pattern as you like – the fuller, the better. Embellish with ribbon and hang – so pretty!

There are so many ideas to choose from! Have fun crafting and creating ~ and Merry Christmas!

[images from Google and Martha Stewart]

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    Avatar loretta whitt says

    I like making wreaths with the help of my grandchildren. This site gives some good ideas for those wreath and other projects.