50 Sensational Summer Crafts for Kids

So, how to keep the kids busy on a long summer day? Try some of these fabulous activities we've rounded up as our favorite summer crafts for kids. Or, when the occasion calls for it, send the list to grandma. Indoor Crafts 1. Be prepared to display their artwork with these super cute clothespin airplanes - a magnet on the back or a string on the wall will make a great landing strip for your kids' airplanes holding precious, handmade cargo. 2. There are plenty of indoor preschool crafts out there, so even the littlest never have to be left out. 3. Alphabet bean bags are a great project for a beginner sewer or a fun mommy-and-me collaborative project with lots of fun - and learning! - left to be had after the project is over. 4. Tissue box monsters will show off originality and … [Read more...]

Summer Playdate Essentials

Do you ever wonder what your children are like when they go over to a friend’s house for a playdate? Do they remember to take off their shoes? Do they say ‘please’ and ‘thank you’? Do they follow the rules? We have all had that nightmare playdate over. The kid who runs around your house with dirty shoes, rummages through your pantry, leaves toys and food all over the house, etc. How do we prevent our kids from becoming that nightmare playdate? We begin by teaching them the rules of being a great host and guest. And then we practice, practice and practice! Fingers crossed, they remember to follow these rules on the next playdate. Good social skills make playdates fun for everyone. The most important rule to teach your kids is to always make everyone feel welcome and … [Read more...]

Create a Summer Bucket List {Free Printable}

Every summer I sit down with my children and we create a bucket list of the activities we want to do during their summer vacation. We may not mark each activity off by the end of summer but, it sure is fun trying! For the last three or four years we've just picked up a large piece of white cardboard and a pack of colored markers at the store and created our own colorful list. This year Lindsey of Pen and Paint created an amazing {free} printable and is sharing it with all of us. {SQUEE!!} As soon as I saw Lindsey's artwork on Instagram I knew I had to try and have it enlarged to 24x36 inches. BIG. Imagine my excitement when I sent it to my local print shop* and they said it could be done!! It looks amazing! What's better is that I chose to have the black and white version printed … [Read more...]

New Ride at Disney World – The Mine Train Review: What You Need to Know

If you are a fan of Disney, you likely know that the centerpiece of the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World in Orlando is the Seven Dwarves Mine Train Rollercoaster.  The Disney Imagineers (and construction crews) have been working on this project since 2010 and they are just about ready to (ahem) roll it out! I had a very special opportunity to be part of a media party recently which gave us a chance to ride the Mine Train roller coaster before it opens to the public. (Opening day is currently schedule for May 28, 2014.) [sc:adsense ] Here are some things you'll want to know about this ride before you go. 1. There is an interactive element to the line waiting part (this is going to be a very popular ride and you will be waiting in line). Spinning barrels, touch screen games, … [Read more...]

Ten Fun Family Activities for Fall

Fall Family Fun I LOVE this time of year. Autumn makes me happy, with its crunchy leaves and harvest vegetables and college football. And with a relief from the sometimes oppressive heat of the summer months, it's an opportunity to head outside to enjoy some beautiful weather with your family! Rake up big piles of leaves and JUMP in them. Adults, too! Go to a real pumpkin patch to pick out the family pumpkins. Then go home and carve/decorate them together. Pack up a thermos of warm apple cider and go for a hayride! If you can't find one offered in your community, make your own. Fine someone with a truck, pile some bales of hay in the back and hop on! (Be safe, of course. Never ride unbuckled on roads. Old farm paths are the best!) Go to an orchard for apple-picking. Make some … [Read more...]

Creative Summer Activities

Are you looking for some creative summer activities to do with the kids?  Here are several boredom busters from fellow bloggers. This is Cocoa's  cool summer time calendar. It's a a fun calendar to keep the kids busy in the summertime. I love it!! Use this Photo Scavenger Hunt List for a pre-reader.  Make your own using your photos or magazine clippings or download weelifes pdfs for free. Brandi creates a boredom buster box with things to do to dispel boredom on these long summer days. This is Julie 's quiet bag idea. We missed the giveaway {{drat}} but I still wanted you to see what she has inside her bags. Angie puts on a Silly Dilly Day Camp Day for her kiddos.  It's a weekly themed activities her kids can earn if they complete their … [Read more...]