Flashlight Fun – Activities for Kids

Flashlights are fun! Spend a few minutes before bedtime playing a flashlight game or two. Flashlight Scavenger Hunt: Go on a night walk in a familiar area and see what you can find by the glow of a flashlight. Name one or two things at a time for your child to find, or pick one thing, such as acorns, and count how many you see on your walk. This is fun inside, too! Flashlight Stomp: Shine the flashlight on the floor and let your child try to stomp on the light before it moves. Also try shining it on walls or furniture while your child tries to "tag" the light. Make-Your-Own Constellations: Cut pieces of black paper to fit the end of your flashlight. Poke or punch holes in the paper in a design of your choice. Tape the paper to the end of the flashlight, shine it on the … [Read more...]

Night Blindness

DID YOU KNOW? Carrots can help you see the stars! WHAT IS NIGHT BLINDNESS? Light enters your eye and lands on light sensitive cells on the retina (back of the eye). These light receiving cells send signals to your brain where it is decoded and you see images. Visual purple is a most important light receiver, and it is composed of two parts: a protein molecule and a molecule made from vitamin A. People who have a deficiency of vitamin A cannot make enough visual purple to see well at night. This condition is called night blindness. CONCLUSION While carrots and other vegetables, including pumpkin do not contain vitamin A, they have carotene which your liver changes into vitamin A. DISCOVER FOR YOURSELF One way your eyes adjust to the dark is that the pupils dilate (get bigger) so … [Read more...]

Simple Beaded Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Here's a sweet little beaded pumpkin that even the littlest hands can make. Supplies: green chenille stems (pipe cleaners) orange beads Directions: Prepare your chenille stems by folding in half and twisting to create a loop -- this will be your stem. Fill both legs with beads, leaving a small piece of chenille stem empty at both ends. Twist the ends together and tuck inside the beads. Shape your pumpkin into a tall and skinny or short and plump shape! This is a great activity for a home or classroom Halloween party, or to keep little hands busy during pumpkin carving time. My girls like to wear them as bracelets and decorate all the door knobs in the house! Happy Halloween! … [Read more...]

I Spy Bags

Want to keep your kids quiet in the car? Want to keep them quiet period?? Then you have got to get one of these little bags of bliss! They’re called I Spy bags and you’re kids will love them. They are little bean bags with a plastic window in the front. The kids read the list (or look at the pics) of items printed on the back and manipulate the bag to find the items through the window. Sheer Genius I tell you. My son loves playing I Spy when we drive but sometimes when I drive I have to pay attention ya know? So I started collecting little doodads around the house and saving some of the little things he collects (that we never have anything to do with) to put inside. Here's what you need to make one of these. 2-8 inch squares of flannel 4 inch piece of plastic, about 4mm … [Read more...]