The Doctor Will See You Now

If there’s one thing everyone can agree on, I’m sure it’s that NO ONE likes to visit the doctor. Not only do you need to call and find an appointment time that fits into your schedule, but you also need to drive there and sit in a waiting room for an undetermined amount of time. More time is spent doing all of those things than actually seeing the doctor, which is why I avoid going at all costs. Recently, I was introduced to a wonderful app called Amwell, which is going to change the way you think about having to see the doctor. Amwell, the world’s largest telehealth company helps to connect users with doctors, dieticians and therapists for instant live, online visits – anytime of day! The timing of this app coming into my life was perfect. Unfortunately I was hit with a really … [Read more...]

Best FREE Recipe and Cooking Apps

One of the best parts of using technology is being able to store and organize information and being able to use it anywhere - the kitchen is no exception - here are my choices for must-have cooking apps: Must-have FREE Cooking Apps   Foodily - like pinterest for foodies, Foodily lets you search, share, and organize recipes and even create menu plans. Cookbook Cafe - not only can you create and browse cookbooks and search recipes, the best feature is the four timers PLUS oven timer, conversion charts and substitutions. I would be lost without this app on Thanksgiving! IFood Assistant by Kraft - search recipes, get new ideas, and even get help shopping for ingredients for this handy iphone app. FoodGawker - Gorgeous photography, equally yummy can spend a lot of … [Read more...]

Best Craft Apps and Online Resources

The very fact that one can find mobile apps for crafters shows just how digital our generation has become! Our grandmothers never would have thought of things like stitch counters on a cell phone, or a Michael's store app with inspirational videos on an iPad. And yet, here we are, talking about the best craft apps and online resources. Crazy, huh? Free Apps for Crafters MICHAELS -iPhone and Android Michael's fans will enjoy the project ideas and tips, shopping list creator, and the daily inspiration videos from Jo Pearson, a Michael's consultant who talks about everything from paper craft to DIY Home Decor. Craft Finder  - iPhone This highly rated app (9 out of 10 stars) gives you step by step instructions with pictures and it allows you to organize your projects based on … [Read more...]

Apps and Software to Organize Your Media, Photos, etc.

It's 2012 people! Whatever you didn't accomplish in 2011, put behind you, and get to making some new goals... like organizing all your digital media! Photos and videos you take with your phone or digital camera rarely make it to print and then on to physical albums, so finding an old photo isn't always easy. Since we can efficiently take so many more photos than we used to, thanks to technology and no longer needing expensive film and development services, we're in even bigger trouble than ever! Here are a few online photo storage and services for organizing your digital media! Picasa/Google+ Pros: Free accounts for anyone or upgrade to more storage space for a yearly fee. Ability to embed photos on external websites. Ability to set up albums to organize images and video. Cons: … [Read more...]