Hip Lace Table Runners and Other Modern DIY Ideas for Doilies

You know the old saying, what goes around comes around. What was once placed on our grandparent's side tables and buffets are now HIP again. I believe our grandmothers would be proud of us using doilies and lace in today's DIY projects. I've gathered six ideas, from amazing gals, that mix old-fashioned and modern to bring you home decor AND wearable art. /1/ Doily Table Runner - This table runner will make you want to raid Granny's linen closet. It is chic and old-fashioned all at the same time, made from multiple doilies simply hand-stitched together. /2/ Decoupage with Lace - Bowls, Cups, Vases...let your imagination run wild with this fun tutorial. /3/ Doily Light Fixture - This lamp gives such a beautiful illumination when lit, you'll wish you had one for every room. /4/ Doily Bib … [Read more...]

10 Baby Gifts You Can Sew!

Is there anything more precious than a baby shower? Handmade gifts garner awwws like nothing else and become beloved mementos long after baby has outgrown them. If you're handy with a sewing machine, creating a keepsake baby gift is simple. These ten handmade gifts for baby can be sewn up in a jiffy and will be loved and appreciated by everyone from the new mama to great-grandma to babylove! This project is so simple! An old cotton sweater and a piece of flannel combined to create a set of soft and luxurious washcloths for baby's first bathtime. [Things For Boys] Remember the colorful baby ring stackers? Try sewing this adorable fabric version for a soft handmade toy for baby! [Rust and Sunshine] Baby shoes are a classic baby shower gift, aren't they? These beautiful leather … [Read more...]

DIY Homemade Baby Mobiles

From black and white contrast to colorful, from ruffles to repurposing other materials, there are so many different options if you wish to craft your baby's mobile yourself. You need not purchase a mass-produced store mobile for you baby - you can flex your creative and crafty muscle and make a mobile for your infant's room that will be unique and special. [imagebrowser id=45] … [Read more...]

Crafty Modern Mobile for Your Nursery

I spotted this pin when I first got pregnant and knew that I wanted to make a mobile like it for our gender neutral nursery. We decorated our nursery to the theme of 'You are my sunshine...when clouds are grey', painting the walls grey and having yellow, black, and white accents. We decided to hang this mobile over the glider, but it would have also looked great over the changing table or the crib! Even though it's a tedious and time consuming project, it was so fun to recreate a 'pin' from pinterest in real life. I think this mobile completes the room! Luckily, I recruited an army of women (a.k.a. my mother and sisters) to help me out with this project. We knocked it out in one afternoon! I hope you like it and find a fun place to hang your mobile for the … [Read more...]

Customize Burp Cloths with Scrap Material

One thing every new mother, whether she is new for the first time or new for the fifth time, needs is burp cloths. One thing almost every crafter has is scrap material. This is an easy tutorial turning your pile of scrap material into great timeless gifts for the expecting mom in your life. Using a pre-fold cloth diaper (which you can buy in large packs at Wal-Mart or Target) and your scrap pile, you can make quite a few of these in a small amount of time. I recommend using the assembly line method. Do all of step one, all of step two, etc at the same time. First, make sure that your scrap is going to fit down the middle strip of the pre-fold. Fold all the corners under and pin securely in place. Sew along all four sides. I personally like and prefer the zigzag stitch, but any … [Read more...]

Baby Closet Dividers

If you have a baby, you must know that everyone's favorite gift is clothes! Factor that in with a mommy who is already obsessed with cute clothes, and you have a very full closet! Now that our baby is bigger he is able to wear a lot of his really fun and cute outfits. What was starting to happen though is I would find a really cute outfit new with tags that I had forgot I had! I looked online for baby closet organizers and wasn't very pleased with the selection. Luckily, much like his nursery art and mobile, I decided to make my own! This craft was easy breezy. Here's what you need: Wooden Door Hangers (be sure to get the thick ones, there are thin one which are less expensive but they don't take the paint well) Craft Paint Pain Markers *Ribbon (optional) (These … [Read more...]