Father’s Day Desserts the Kids Can Help Make

With Father's Day just days away, it's time to get to the store to gather the ingredients to make Dad a special dessert for his special day. While most men like sweets in most any form they come in, we thought it would be fun to gather some desserts that are made especially for Dad! From bacon to candy fire we've got you covered. /1/Maple Bacon Cupcakes - Did somebody say BACON? Every man loves bacon. Add a bit of maple to it and it becomes heaven in his mouth! /2/Campfire Cake - I can think of a few dads in-particular that would LOVE this cake! Any dad who loves to camp or is involved in scouting with his boys, to name a couple. /3/Chocolate Chip Cookie Bowl - Does Dad have an enormous sweet tooth? This cookie bowl {filled with chocolate chip cookies, of course} is … [Read more...]

There’s S’MORE to Campfire Cooking

Campfire cooking doesn't have to stop at S'more's and hotdogs. Check out these ten recipes before heading out on your next adventure to the great outdoors. I'm sure you'll find something {or a bunch of something's} you'll HAVE to throw on the campfire! /1/ Bacon Stuffed Cinnamon Buns in a Skillet - Did somebody say bacon? This savory breakfast will have you asking for seconds. I'm sure of it. And don't you even worry about those calories. You'll burn those off swatting at the mosquitoes! /2/ Campfire Orange Blueberry Muffins - How's this for a twist on cooking over an open flame? Pour your muffin batter right into a hollow orange peel, wrap in aluminum foil and toss into the fire. The most perfect orange infused blueberry muffin you ever will eat. /3/ Campfire Breakfast … [Read more...]