Two Weeks To Better Sleep? A Tart Cherry Juice 14-Day Sleep Challenge

It’s almost daylight  savings time.  While we are looking forward to our clocks “falling back”, it’s the adjustment to sleep patterns that is definitely the downside. I am a big believer in the importance of sleep, and in a house with teenagers, it’s a major topic of conversation. I was very intrigued when I heard that tart cherry juice can be a natural sleep aid, as tart cherries contain melatonin. Truly I hadn’t even seen or heard of tart cherry juice (which is a little surprising since I do love cherries and Cherry Chip is my ALL TIME favorite cake flavor). So I went right away to to find out more about sleep research and tart cherries. Here’s a bit of what I’ve learned regarding sleep: Research shows that switching from Daylight Savings Time  to Standard … [Read more...]

10 Cherry Desserts Recipes

Did you know that February is National Cherry Month?  Its true!  Its the month that we get to celebrate the delicious red fruit in all its glory.  Cherries are full of great antioxidants and fiber!  We love to wash them and then eat them straight out of the bowl, pulling the pits out as we go.  We also love to bake with them!  Cherries make sure a great ingredient in desserts!  Whether you prefer sweet or tart, these 10 cherry desserts recipes are sure to help you celebrate this month! Cherry Cheesecake in a Jar This dessert is no bake!  Toss everything in a mason jar and serve it up.  How awesome is that?  Chocolate Cherry Tarts You don't have to tell anyone, but these tarts are good for you!  They are light and full of cherry goodness!  Cherry Thumbprint Cookies A sugar … [Read more...]

5 Valentine’s Desserts Made Easy and Dressed To Impress

With Valentine's Day only three days away, you're going to need the quickest and the most impressive desserts for your loved ones. You need an easy Valentine's Day dessert plan! A quick run to the grocery store, a few minutes in the kitchen, a trip to your closet to pick out a lovely outfit and you'll be ready in no time. Okay, let's get started. 1. Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Blissfully Domestic Probably one of the most iconic Valentine's desserts, but one of the easiest and healthiest too. Here's a step-by-step guide to making the perfect chocolate dipped strawberry. Be sure to check out the fascinating moving images too! 2. Easy Chocolate Espresso Mug Cake from Kurry Leaves Probably the easiest cakes you'll ever make. Just mix the ingredients in a microwave-safe cup … [Read more...]