Christmas Gifts for Men: What To Buy Your Husband This Year

I find it difficult to shop for my husband for two reasons. The first is that he tends to buy whatever he wants the day it comes out. This means he may get a birthday present weeks early, and he struggles with waiting to open Christmas presents. The other problem is that he is very particular about the make or model of whatever he currently wants. He loves to research, and so it can be difficult to make sure I have exactly the right model. Here are some ideas that will make shopping for your husband just a bit easier this holiday season. Technology Gifts The iPad Mini is a great gift if your husband does not already have a tablet, or is looking for something that offers a bit more than a smart phone. The iPad Mini is the perfect size and balance for a portable computer. The interface … [Read more...]

8 DIY Handmade Christmas Cards

Christmas is my favorite time of year. Quoting my favorite Lola and Charlie book "It is my favorite and my best." One of the best times about this time of year is the Christmas cards that pour in (okay, maybe they don't pour in, but I really wish they did!) What better way to make a lasting impression on the receiver then to send out hand made Christmas cards this year! Below are links to super simple, yet beautiful Christmas cards that you can make yourself this year. Beautiful Accordion Fold photo card Kid Friendly Christmas Card Boxed Christmas Card Button Christmas Card Thumbprint Christmas Card String Christmas Tree Card Christmas Wreath card Felt Christmas Card I hope these handmade Christmas cards sparked ideas to make your Christmas that much more special this … [Read more...]

10 Must-Have Christmas Cake and Pie Recipes

How about sprucing up those dessert tables at Christmas time with some of these classics and modern cakes and pies? [imagebrowser id=20] Your dessert table won't go empty with these 10 Christmas cakes and pies to choose from! … [Read more...]

Candy Train Holiday Craft

With Christmas being just days away you may need a way to occupy your little ones until the big moment arrives. With candy and crafts of course. I made this Candy Train Holiday Craft last year with my son, when he was just 1.5 years old, but it's probably best suited for kids ages 2 and older. The best part of all? The kids can eat it when they are done. Candy Train Supplies (per train) 3 Full candy bars - Milky Way, Three Musketeer and Snickers work well 2 Gum Drops 1 Candy Orange Slice 1 Hersey's Kiss 18 Red Hots glued with frosting to 18 peppermint candies 1 Resse's Mini Peanut Butter Cup 3-5 Pieces of black licorice 8-10 Gummy Bears 3-5 Starbursts A handful of M&M's 1 Lifesaver 1 Red Hot 2 Pieces of Rope Licorice White frosting (from a can or … [Read more...]

Welcome Christmas – Crafty Wreath Ideas

Every home needs a festive wreath to welcome guests at Christmas.  There is something special about a wreath that makes the home look so inviting. Here are a few ideas for lovely wreaths that will warm any area of your home all season. Adding candy canes to a simple green wreath is a simple way to make a pop of color and a bit of old-fashioned charm. Just beware of little hands who may want to treat themselves! This wreath is full of color and personality! Depending on the theme of your home, you can use whatever color ornaments you like. I like the mix of the bright, bold colors! Attach ornaments to wreath with craft wire, or glue ornaments around a Styrofoam wreath and make your own. Hang with a pretty ribbon and watch it glisten. I have always loved using popcorn to … [Read more...]

Snow Cone Christmas Tree Craft

This Snow Cone Christmas Tree Craft makes a great centerpiece for holiday dinners and is easy to vary for children of different ages. You can start with snow cone cups, party hats or cardstock rolled into a cone shape! What You'll Need Several paper cone (either snow cone cups, party hats or cardstock rolled into a cone shape) Decorative paper (2-3 sheets per tree) Circle paper punch (approximately 1/2" to 1 1/2" in diameter) Glue Glitter (optional) Instructions If you're starting with cardstock, use this template to create the cone shapes. Cut circles out of your decorative paper using a paper punch. Begin glueing the circles to the base of the cone. Older children can apply the circles in even rows and bend the circles slightly upward at the bottom to … [Read more...]