Paper Bag Gingerbread Garland

With just a brown grocery bag and some crayons, you and your kids can create this sweet garland of paper-doll-style gingerbread boys & girls. Supplies: brown grocery bag (or a roll of brown craft paper) crayons, markers, etc. for decorating - we found that construction paper crayons worked great Open your paper bag flat and cut into strips. Accordion-fold each strip, making the folds the width you want your gingerbread people to be. Draw or trace a gingerbread shape onto the top of the folded strip (we used a cookie cutter for tracing.) With some good scissors, cut around the shape (this is a grown-up job!). Remember not to cut any parts that are on the folded sides, in this case the ends of the arms and legs. Unfold and see the long string of gingerbread people holding … [Read more...]

How to Announce Your Pregnancy at Christmas

My grandfather always had one last BIG Christmas surprise up his sleeve. It was a biggie; and you always hoped it was for you! The Christmas spirit not only brings out a generous spirit in most people, but also it brings out a shrewd spirit in me. Like my grandfather, I want to have the biggest surprise gift at our family gathering. I love to have the perfect plan and I know it’s a good one if it makes my mom cry. This year, I’ve got the trump card. My husband and I are thrilled that we are expecting. This is not our first child, but we want to make it special and have our announcement at Christmas. Here are some ideas for you if you are looking to do the same thing: Wrap a copy of “God’s Little Instruction Book for Grandparents” if the Grandparents are first-timers. Frame … [Read more...]

Quick and Easy Homemade Christmas Gift

A great way to go green this holiday season is to make some or all of your gifts; one of the easiest gifts you can make is bath salts. All you need is a glass jar (you can easily save one and upcycle it, just make sure it’s clean), Epsom salt, baking soda (optional), and peppermint essential oils. Fill your jar a little more than half way with Epsom salt and fill the rest of the way with baking soda if using it (if not fill with Epsom salt). After you fill your jar put a few drops of your essential oils in the jar. It will depend on the size of your jar how much you should add, just keep smelling it. After you do all of that just put the lid on and shake. Add a cute tag and or ribbon and you’re done! You can also use other essential oils or even crush up some candy canes and … [Read more...]

How to Turn a Sweater into a Stocking {Tutorial}

I first saw this lovely idea at an antique store downtown. There are so many things to love about the sweater stocking. You can use old/sentimental/colorful sweaters to make the most lovely and meaningful Christmas stockings. And then embellish them with almost anything you like. There are no rules and no two need be alike. Start with a stocking whose design you love. I used this one {for the large size} that I bought at the antique store. Just find a stocking you love and use it as a template. This particular sweater was one of my favorites {from Gap} for several years and then I accidentally dried it. Its' colorful stripes are perfect for a stocking. 1. Turn the sweater wrong side out and use the band of the sweater as the top of the stocking. Lay your template down and use a … [Read more...]

Easy DIY Christmas Gifts

It's hard to believe Christmas is almost upon us! I've found some great DIY homemade gifts to share with you. Each one comes with a free printable! Blonde Designs have some easy holiday gift ideas with printable labels. Make a Christmas Song CD and print my festive label for your cover. Executive Homemaker (aka Laurie-Tip Junkie)has a list of 24 quick, easy, cheap gifts. Download a free printable with all the labels and poems. Make LollyChop's Hot Cocoa Mix. She has a great recipe and the cutest packaging you can print. Heather from Dollar Store Crafts and Cathe Holden teamed up to create these adorable 2010 Calendar Tea Towels. Want more ideas? Check out my complete list here. Have fun crafting! … [Read more...]

How to Make an Evergreen Mailbox Swag in 10 Minutes

Fresh greens abound this time of year, so all it takes to make a fresh swag for your mailbox is a little greenery, along with some floral foam and wire.  Take a look around your neighborhood for magnolia, boxwood, and holly to add to your swag.  Tree lots give away all their leftover branches, which is a great base for a swag.  If you have a regular mailbox with a post, wedge a small piece of floral foam right under the horizontal piece coming out of the post and start adding your greenery right and left until it starts filling in.  Add branches spilling out the top too. You can take a small bit of floral wire and wrap around a couple of the branches to secure it to your mailbox post in the back  in case of wind.  Keep filling in with more branches, a little magnolia or whatever you … [Read more...]