Fabulous Father’s Day Photo Ideas

With Father's Day quickly approaching you may be unsure what to get the man that has always been there for you, helped tie your shoes and even taught you to ride a bike. Pictures are worth a thousand words and these simple photo ideas are sure to melt even the toughest of Dads' hearts. 1. Caught In the Act Children are always yearning for daddy to play with them. Let's be honest, Dads do give the best horsey back rides! So why not capture their inner youth with a photo that will span the years. (Photo Credit: Christy Peterson Photography) 2. Show Your Silly Side Every Dad has a soft spot for his daughter and if anyone can get him to be silly, it's her. Capture their goofy sides for a picture he will treasure. (Photo Credit: Danic Photography) 3. Try These On For Size There is … [Read more...]

Holiday Gift Ideas for Photographers

It's officially time to shop for holidays gifts. The turkey has been eaten, the pie plates were licked clean and Black Friday has come and gone. Have a photographer friend or in your family? Here are 10 awesome gifts that are sure to make their holiday brighter! Blurb Gift Card If the photographer in your life is like many of the ones I know, they probably don't get a chance to make many of their own, personal photo albums. Photographers are also guilty of hoarding photos on their computers and never having a chance to print them out! A gift card from Blurb will put them one step closer to having their own beautiful photos in their hands. Blurb makes gorgeous, professional looking albums at a fraction of the price! The best part is you can make it for as small or big as you would … [Read more...]

Gift Ideas For Photographers

With Mother's Day right around the corner, you may have gotten some hints as to what the photographer in your life would love as a gift. Or maybe you want to surprise her with a gift that will rock her world. Luckily, photography gifts come in a variety of options and wide range of prices. We collected just a small sampling of 'perfect gifts' for the woman in your life! 1. Every photographer needs a bag. Every woman, dreams of an Epiphanie Camera Bag. 2. You carry your love of photography in your heart, why not share that love with a little earring bling by Rebecca Arehn! 3. Mother Nature doesn't always cooperate with our need to take photos. Cute photography gloves by Craftsy will keep her fingers toasty while she snaps all those early morning soccer  games. 4. This little pocket size … [Read more...]