Four Easy Halloween Makeup Looks

Here are four popular Halloween looks that you can do yourself at home. You've probably got most of the makeup you need somewhere in your makeup drawer already. Whether you're heading out to a Halloween party or you want to get festive to take the kids out, these looks have got you covered. Princess / Fairy Makeup   The princess and the fairy can kind of be the same look-ish. You want to go soft pink on the lips and on the cheeks. For the eyes use soft blue for the lid and frosty white for under the brow. Line the top of the eye with black and press it right into the lash line. The most important product for this look is shimmer. Recommended product: Tarina Tarantino Sparklicity Shimmer Dust Mermaid Makeup     Again for this look, go easy on the cheeks and … [Read more...]

Halloween Costumes You Can Make from Home

One of the most expensive parts of Halloween is the costume. The cost of Halloween costumes can add up quickly with the cost of accessories, makeup and the costume, especially if you have more than one child. Here are three easy costume ideas you can make at home without spending too much money. You can also learn some easy ways to save on costume expenses here. Zombie Costume Zombies are popular this year. Your teenager or your child may want to be a zombie, and this is an easy costume to put together yourself. The most expensive component of a zombie costume is the make up, but if you search dollar stores you could be in luck! Find or purchase old clothes from a thrift shop. You can go with a theme such as a prom or wedding zombies or just have an ordinary zombie. Tear the … [Read more...]

Tween Halloween Costume: Homemade Minnie Mouse

Finding Age-Appropriate Halloween Costumes Why do Halloween Costumes for teenagers always  look like streetwalkers? My 12-yr-old daughter wants to be Minnie Mouse this year. She and I hopped online and began searching for costumes. And the first two options we came across were: Yeah. Neither of those are going to work. The left came from Kohl’s. And while it would be great for a 3-year-old, my nearly teen was NOT impressed. Plus it cost a whopping $49! That’s a bit steep for my budget! I don’t really have to talk about the one on the right. The title says it all: "Sexy Minnie Mouse Costume." Crazy. And wrong. I did come across a possibility from the Disney store online: Maybe if she wore black leggings this would be okay?? And the price was decent, $25 on sale. Oh … [Read more...]

How to Make a Handprint Bat Craft for Kids

It’s October so let’s get ready for Halloween! For families that choose not to participate in Halloween this craft can still be useful, simply leave out the red fangs and change up the color scheme. Gather your materials. You will need black, red and orange construction paper, glue, some crayons, scissors and googly eyes. Start by having your child draw a bunch of fun nighttime things on the orange paper, stars, a moon, even an owl would be great! You can help if your little one is still young or skip it like we did. I added the stars, etc… after we were done just for y’all. Trace your child’s hands on black paper. Have your child color the hands with a white crayon. While they are coloring, draw a bat head. Don’t worry about making mistakes we’ll use the opposite side and cut … [Read more...]

Last Minute Halloween Costume Ideas

Some people have a fear of public speaking.Others fear spiders, the dark, snakes.Me?I fear costumes. I tried wearing my regular jeans and heels to Halloween parties, and saying that I was dressed up as a ‘designer’s rep’ – that didn’t cut it (since at the time, that WAS my job).Then there was the year that a boyfriend and I dressed up as the American Flag.I wore all white, and he wore all blue.With red construction paper, we cut thick strips and double stick taped them to my clothes.We found gold stars at a party supply store, and double stick taped those to his clothes.Simple, but creative. Need Last Minute Costume Ideas? If you or your kids have been putting off figuring out what to dress up as for Halloween, here are some simple ideas: Gum stuck to the Bottom of a Shoe - wear … [Read more...]

Simple Beaded Pumpkin Craft for Kids

Here's a sweet little beaded pumpkin that even the littlest hands can make. Supplies: green chenille stems (pipe cleaners) orange beads Directions: Prepare your chenille stems by folding in half and twisting to create a loop -- this will be your stem. Fill both legs with beads, leaving a small piece of chenille stem empty at both ends. Twist the ends together and tuck inside the beads. Shape your pumpkin into a tall and skinny or short and plump shape! This is a great activity for a home or classroom Halloween party, or to keep little hands busy during pumpkin carving time. My girls like to wear them as bracelets and decorate all the door knobs in the house! Happy Halloween! … [Read more...]