Display Your Books In Unexpected Ways

A wonderful thing about books (well, besides reading them!) is that they make for great decorating accessories, especially when they can be displayed in unexpected ways. Books are both warm and graphic at the same time and can compliment any decorating scheme.  Their familiarity lends them a comforting air, while their rectangular shape makes for a visual pop. We've got some unusual and inspiring ways to get those books off the shelves and into your decorating. Top Tips for Displaying Books in Unexpected Ways: Tuck books into nooks and crannies; these are great places to store items and create a "WOW!" moment. Sometimes a nook can be a birdcage like in this charming tablescape (Source: Thistlewood Farms)...it could also be above kitchen cabinets or the top of an armoire, Find … [Read more...]

7 Creative DIY Curtains and Window Treatments

You know that window you keep meaning to change? That one that looks fine the way it is but just doesn't have the personality you'd like? You don't have to break the bank with high-priced curtains and window treatments; we've found some gorgeous DIY projects for you that will bring some serious WOW to your home decor! How cute are these striped curtains by the Frugal Homemaker? LOVE them and their graphic punch! This tutorial by Kojo Designs is incredible. The flutter curtains will bring an element of drama and whimsey to any room. Totally love these hand painted curtains by A Home Full of Color. They are simple yet sophisticated...always a great thing! Add some texture to your room with these burlap window curtains by Kitchen Scratch. It's an easy tutorial, and even better- … [Read more...]

13 Ultimate DIY Outdoor Lighting Inspirations

Few things alter mood light lighting; yet too we don't often think of adding accent lights to our outdoor spaces. However, even during the daytime you can add ambiance and sparkle to your garden, porch, and patios. And at night? Watch out. Lighting will transform and add magic to any outdoor living areas. You don't need to break the bank purchasing fabulous lanterns and such; here are thirteen amazing DIY tutorials. Keep in mind, some of these are better for enclosed or covered areas to shield them from rain, but all are undeniably gorgeous! Grapevine spheres tutorial by All Things Heart and Home. The way they sparkle is just enchanting. Vintage insulator by Hayseed Homemakin' (notice the colander in background used for porch lighting as well...so clever!). DIY safe tree lights … [Read more...]