World’s 7 Most Spectacular Dream Pools

Summertime, and the livin's easy. Right? Well, it most certainly is if you're kicking back at one of the seven most spectacular pools the world has to offer. From Chile to Australia, if you're lucky enough to be in one of these pools, you're doing something right. PS- send an invitation! Yup. That is a pool. Oh, not just the part under the glass pyramid. The part with the sailboat as well.  This is San Alfonso del Mar's pool in Chile; it holds 250 million liters of water and is over a kilometer in length. According to the Guinness Book of World Records, it is the world’s largest crystalline water pool. Image source. You'll be on cloud nine swimming in this pool at what's known as the Melbourne Cloud House. Heavenly. Image source. This lovely indoor-outdoor pool reminds me of a … [Read more...]

Greenery for Vases {Leaves are the New Flower}

Summer is here! Let's bring a little bit of it indoors with a glass vase full of greenery. While flowers are always lovely, sometimes what's in order is a vase full of the different hues and textures only greenery can provide. Forget brown is the new black...greenery is the new flower. Whether a centerpiece or just an accent on a table, these greenery for vases ideas are sure to please. Plus you don't need to have a clipping garden or spend a fortune at the florist! I'm love love LOVING this tight little bundle of leaves that are bursting forth as a mini-bouquet. I don't know what the leaves are, but I'm thinking this would work very well with something like basil...and have the added bonus of smelling divine. Image from Style Me Pretty. Oversized leaves and tall branches make a … [Read more...]

Seven Wooden Peg Crafts

Wooden pegs and clothes pins can be used for a wide variety of crafts from home decor to kids toys. And with easy-to-find materials as the supplies for these crafts they are easier to make than you might think. Here are seven of my favorite wooden pegs or clothespin crafts. 1. Wooden Peg Angel Craft I completely love this simple but elegant wooden peg angel. See the post on Uncommon Designs for the tutorial to make your own! 2. Wooden Painted Peg Dolls These homemade painted wooden peg dolls are so cute and can be customized and personalized to any number of colors and designs. 3. Clothespin Songbirds Gorgeous and classy songbirds on these clothespins are super beautiful. Use them in a number of home decor arenas....see how to make your own at Something Created … [Read more...]

8 Tips for Decorating with Pops of Turquoise

Turquoise. Aqua. Cyan. Teal. Mint. Whatever you call it, whatever the is a gorgeous, rich color that is very happy-making.  It reminds me of Caribbean water, Southwestern jewels, New England cottages, vintage dresses, and the brightest spot on a peacock feather. Incorporating it into a room's decor is sure to bring a fresh touch of whimsy and serenity. Need some inspiration as to how to use turquoise in your home? Happily, I've found some amazing rooms that use turquoise perfectly. From a little bit on a pillow to a fully saturated pallet, there is certainly something for everyone. 1.) . Semi-precious stone chandelier by MarjorieSkouras as seen in Marjorie De Groot Design. 2.) Turquoise walls and island by HGTV Design Home. 3.) Turquoise and red bedroom by Coastal … [Read more...]

8 Upcycled Tables

Love me some upcycling, y'all. And these tables are crazy clever. Best part? I definitely could create at least some of these in an afternoon. Now I just need to find a spare afternoon. There are styles for every home...from modern to traditional to funky and eclectic. Which is your favorite? 1.)  Industrial Coffee Tables by Giddy Upcycle. 2.) Box Side Table by Decor Simple. 3.)  Hand Painted Turquoise Teal Upcycled Table with Birds  by Meredith Brooks Etsy. 1.) Library Card File Drawers by The Painted Hive. 2.) Book Table found on Ebay (too bad it's sold!). 3.)  Vintage Pinball Machine by Custom Made. 1.) Upcycled Vintage Yardstick Table by DIY Cozy Home. 2.) Upcycled Chair to Side Table by The Happier Homemaker. Have an upcycled table you've created? Or are … [Read more...]

How to Style Your Coffee Table

Coffee table: Pottery Barn Stumped about how to style the top of your coffee table? I'll be honest, mine is usually covered with assorted action heroes, video game controllers, a wad of gum and pb & j crusts. But IF we wanted to impress the neighbors, how would we do it? While a vase of fresh flowers or a stack of books always works, here are some tips for combining objects in fresh and fun ways: Books, a plant & a decorative object on a coffee table make a great table-scape. Create interest with items of all one color by using different shapes or textures. Try opposites: pair smooth with rough, shiny with dull, old with new, round with square, organic with man-made. Vary the heights so that each object is just a little bit shorter than the next tallest item. This keep … [Read more...]