12 Fantabulous Dr. Seuss Crafts

Happy Birthday, Dr. Seuss! This March we celebrate the birthday of Theodor Seuss Geisel, aka the beloved Dr. Seuss. And since there isn't a child around who doesn't love the flamboozed woozled rhymes of the fantabulous storyteller, why not celebrate with a few Seuss-y spectacular crafts? //1// They're everyone's favorite mischievous sidekicks! Make a set of Thing 1 and Thing 2 peg dolls! - Zakka Life //2// This little Lorax cup figure will remind everyone to think carefully about our actions. - Danielle's Place // 3 // Felt and a hoop team together to make this perfectly adorable Lorax storyboard! - Mod Podge Rocks //4// This quick and simple Lorax hand puppet is sure to entertain your little one. - The New Home Ec //5// Play away your rainy day with a Cat In The Hat finger … [Read more...]

Why Reading is Good for Children

Bedtime stories are a beautiful family tradition. Not only is it quality time with your child, but reading is a valuable way of learning for a child. Reading helps develop a child’s language skills while stimulating his or her imagination and creativity. Moreover, books are good for kids’ mental health. Reading for Toddlers Toddlers learn to speak mostly through hearing, but as a child learns to read, his or her language skills improve with this new ability. Children who read much when they are young are likely to enjoy it while they are teens as well, and this can help children grow up articulate and more inclined to learn well in school. Children’s Books and Television Imagine what kids can learn from television, and how easy it is to put a child in front of the television … [Read more...]