Create a Summer Bucket List {Free Printable}

Every summer I sit down with my children and we create a bucket list of the activities we want to do during their summer vacation. We may not mark each activity off by the end of summer but, it sure is fun trying! For the last three or four years we've just picked up a large piece of white cardboard and a pack of colored markers at the store and created our own colorful list. This year Lindsey of Pen and Paint created an amazing {free} printable and is sharing it with all of us. {SQUEE!!} As soon as I saw Lindsey's artwork on Instagram I knew I had to try and have it enlarged to 24x36 inches. BIG. Imagine my excitement when I sent it to my local print shop* and they said it could be done!! It looks amazing! What's better is that I chose to have the black and white version printed … [Read more...]

Even More FROZEN Party Ideas

How can a movie that features so much wintry snow be so HOT? Disney's FROZEN is the number one animated movie of all time! And, we just don't see the snowball effect of it's popularity slowing down anytime soon. A couple of months ago I shared a round-up of FROZEN Party Ideas for your little princess's next birthday celebration. In the time since publication, hundreds of new ideas have been floating around the internet. Everything from decorations to dessert ideas, perfect party favors to kids crafts galore, and I'm going to share a bunch of them with you today! /1/ Olaf FROZEN Birthday Invitations - Before you can fully plan a party, you need to invite the guests. Have your birthday girl pass these out to her classmates or door-to-door to her friends worth melting for. /2/ FROZEN … [Read more...]

7 Super Cool Avengers Crafts

Are you a super hero fan? Did you go see the newest Marvel movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron? What did you think? Prior to going to see this movie, I new very little about super heroes. I knew that the green guy was the Hulk, Captain America wore red, white and blue and that Black Widow was a girl super hero. That was the jist of my knowledge on Super Heroes. Boy, was I missing out! When I left the theater that evening I had a strong desire to go watch every super hero movie I had ever missed. Naturally, I also wanted to come and share my excitement with you all and create a round-up of crafts that we can all do with our kids, or make for ourselves! Without further ado, I bring you Super Cool Avengers Crafts. /1/ Jello Treats - While this one might not be a craft, it's super cool! Your … [Read more...]

Handprint & Footprint Craft Ideas For Father’s Day

Looking for quick and nostalgic project ideas for Father's Day? Try a handprint or footprint craft!  It's the perfect "memory" gift that is  simple to make and treasured for a lifetime. Simple Handprint and Footprint Craft Ideas: - Use paint and poster board to make a big sign celebrating Father's Day!  Use kiddos' handprints and footprints as decoration and put a nice message to Dad in the center. - Make a Father's Day greeting card with printer paper (fold it in fourths) and stamp with baby hands or feet on the outside. Write a sweet note or poem on the inside. Intermediate Handprint and Footprint Craft Ideas: - Purchase some stretched canvas at your local art or craft store and use acrylic paint to adorn it with handprints and footprints.  Make sure to date and sign … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Cards Kids Can Make

Once the Christmas decorations leave the store shelves the Valentine's Day cards and decor make their grand appearance {sooner and sooner each year, too}. However, unless you want to take the easy route, the store bought boxed Valentine's Day cards can be cheesy. The fun and quirky ideas that I've gathered for you today are simple enough for your kids to make. Best part? Your kids friends will love them! /1/ PlayDoh Valentine - Every kid loves PlayDoh! {It's never been my favorite activity to sit my kids down to. Ha!} You can find these little bitty containers in the party section or the seasonal section of your store. Cute, right? /2/ "Eyes for You" Valentine - The kids will have fun with this googley eye ring long after Valentine's Day. /3/ Nerdy Straw Valentine - … [Read more...]

5 Indoor Games You Can Make and Play

Baby, It's cold outside! If you are looking for new ways to entertain the kiddos in your house while they are in your house, we've got the inspiration you need! Shake off the cabin fever and have some fun doing it….. The Decorated Cookie used a cereal box (Kix) to create this tabletop mini golf game.  Let your bigger kids use their imagination and work side by side to create their own set ups.  Bluet and Clover shares a way to make good use of a tray for a fun game similar to Candyland. Legos.  You know you've got them. Probably lots of them. Maybe it's time to rethink the Legos into a new use.  Love this chess set that 100 Directions made. [sc:adsense ] Here I Am LouLou  made a magnetic game board.  Using a dry erase marker the possibilities are endless. Plus, I … [Read more...]