5 Easy Butterfly Crafts For Kids

Spring is in the air, and with Spring comes Spring break. Butterfly craft projects are a great Spring themed activity you can do with the kids when they are home for the holidays. Here are 5 easy butterfly crafts you can complete with your kids this Spring break: Clothes Pin Butterfly: This fun activity creates a beautiful butterfly with just a few household items and a dash of creativity. This project by Allison from Alli 'N Sons will delight children ages 2 and up.  Click here for the directions. Bug Buddies: Is your little one obsessed with bugs? Well he or she will love this project idea that involves making all kinds of insects (butterflies, caterpillars, etc). Click here for the directions. Butterfly Feet: I love footprint craft ideas, and this one by Amanda is so … [Read more...]

9 Free Valentine’s Day Printables

What's Valentine's Day without some sweets and treats to show your loved ones how much they mean to you? Add a little fun with these free Valentine's Day printables! 1. Valentine Scrabble Grams A fun game of letter sorting and word building for adults and older children, these modern Valentines are bright, cheery and less frilly than the traditional hearts and lace. Download and print at ohhappyday.com 2. I Mustache You... There's no short-ache of mustache Valentines this year. These free printables are perfect stand-alone cards, or you can punch a couple holes and add a lollypop or mustache chocolate on a stick! Download and print at designdazzle.com 3. DIY Valentine's Day Gift Tags Bright colors and polka-dot-adorableness! I love these free printable gift tags. Tie them to … [Read more...]

5 Mother’s Day Craft Projects For Kids

Mother's Day is getting closer. I know this because I can already feel the euphoria of being able to sleep in and possibly get breakfast in bed served to me by my two little men. Since Mother's Day is coming I thought it might be fun to do some Mother's Day inspired crafts with my boys. I found some great Mother's Day craft project ideas across the web, and I am going to share them with you! Colorful Celery Bouquet by April. Project Directions Can be found here. Photo Source: April's Little Family. Beauty Mask Craft by Disney Family Fun. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Disney Family Fun. Mom 'n' Me Wooden Spoons Mother's Day Craft by Kaboose. Click here for instructions. Photo Source: Kaboose Silhouettes Mother's Day Craft by Free Kids Crafts. Click here for … [Read more...]

Sick Day Craft for Kids – Kleenex Tissue Box Monsters

What happens when your kids get sick? But aren't sick enough to stay in bed - only stay home from school? These Kleenex box monsters are an excellent way to dress up the tissue box which will probably have to be close at hand. Supplies Needed: Scrapbooking papers or pattern papers Pipe Cleaners or "Chenelle Stems" Googly Eyes Party Horns Pom Poms Plastic cups for feet Crinkle cut paper Other optional supplies not shown that you can use instead include fake grass or yarn for hair, felt pieces, toilet paper tubes cut into sections instead of medicine cups, etc. Use your imagination and follow the video tutorial below! Wrap the box in decorative paper (cut out the hole using the cardboard piece as a pattern). Glue on your eyes, ears and other facial decorations. … [Read more...]

Butterfly Feet – A Craft You Can Make With Your Kids

An Easy Craft for Kids – Butterfly Feet! Here’s a remarkably easy craft that makes a delightful gift for grandparents, or a great decoration in the house. It’s a butterfly – made from your child’s footprints. Here’s your supply list for this craft: two baby feet washable, nontoxic, poster paint old rags or sponge thick cardstock or canvas newspaper or tarp to cover work area< Instructions: Wash and dry your child’s feet. Designate a work area and tape down some newspaper or a tarp – this could will get messy. Lay out your cardstock or canvas and determine where you’d like the prints to go. Get some damp rags ready and keep them very close by for quick clean up if things get out of hand. Apply a thin layer of paint to one of your child’s feet with … [Read more...]

Paint Your Own Peg Dolls for Homemade Children’s Toys

There is just something about homemade toys that makes them that much more special. Recently, my family went on a trip and I needed something to keep my little one occupied in the car.  She has lately developed a fascination with little people and figurines. After a trip to my local Target and seeing the outrageous prices for the many different “little people”, I decided to make my own little people. Using peg dolls from the craft store (I purchased mine at Hobby Lobby – eight dolls for $2.99) and paint from my growing collection, I painted a timeless treasure for my daughter that means a lot more than a little plastic toy from Target. Another great thing about this craft is it takes mere minutes to create! If you have older children that can handle a paint brush, this is a great summer … [Read more...]