11 Festive Holiday Home Decor Ideas

There's something so very fun about seeing the different ways that each home is decorated for the Holidays. From traditional decor to bright and colorful, everyone has their own way of expressing their personal Christmas Style. Even though you've been decorating your home for years and know what you like, I bet there's still a corner undecorated that could use a bit of festive cheer. Here are a few ideas that you're sure to love! /1/ Traditional Christmas Mantel - The grouping on this mantel perfectly combines things old and new. From the cross-stitched Joy to the World to the stockings made from modern fabrics, there's something for all generations to like. /2/ Staircase Entry Decoration -  This beautiful Holiday home decor makes me wish I had a stair case. Each step illuminated with … [Read more...]

Tips on Decorating Your Fireplace Mantel

By Rob Colosi of Inside Home As the cool winds of Autumn begin to blow, our focus turns to area of our house that we have largely overlooked for the past six months, the fireplace.   This soon-to-be main attraction may be in need of a bit of design help.  Below are a few easy tips to get your mantel ready for the warm cozy nights ahead (and some great inspirational photos!) Sweet Something Design First, choosing a theme is a great way to begin the design process.  A theme can be as simple a holiday, pulling colors from the room or inspiration from new or existing artwork. Think about what you like, what you might like to show off. The Inspired Room Once you have chosen a theme,  determine if you already have some items for the mantel and what's missing to collect to … [Read more...]