Sexy Date Night Makeup

Whether you're going on a first date, a valentine's night out, or a wedding anniversary, you can ramp up the sexy factor with some playful eye makeup. Here's how to do eye makeup for two sexy date night looks. Pick either the cat eye or the gold smokey eye. Cat Eye Obviously this look is all about the eyeliner. The classic cat eye is usually done with black liquid liner, but there are variations depending on what's easier for you. Liquid Liner The easiest way to use liquid liner is to buy a liquid liner pen. Using a pen is already a natural movement. Now instead of scribbling on a notepad you're drawing an elegant swooping line. Start from the outside and draw in. Make the liner thicker on the wing, and thinner as you draw towards your inner eye. Try out: Maybelline Eye … [Read more...]

Top 5 Valentine’s Gifts that Put the ‘S’ in Sexy

Valentine's Day. A day set aside to celebrate and expound on the  ideology of love. In laymen's terms, it is a day designed to elicit the inner warm fuzzy in us all and afford many of us the opportunity to giggle more, smile wider and value those whose imprint marks our lives. While some of us opt to indulge in the exhilarating, love struck effects of Cupid's arrow, others are content to lavish ourselves, and others, with special trinkets and gifts. Whether you're celebrating Valentine's Day with your significant other or simply looking to capitalize on the love train, here are a few gifts that will bring out the inner sexy in us all. SOS Novelties 3-in-1 Soy Candle Lotion. Massage oil. Candle. This deliciously scented soy candle is perfect for setting the mood. Use it cold as a lotion … [Read more...]

Wedding Day Beauty Tips

Wedding Ideas from dresses to makeup and more It's the day of your wedding, and the tips and advice you received from your mother, friends, and loved ones have paid off and you look and feel beautiful. Time has been spent arranging your hair just so, making up your face perfectly, and getting you ready for your big day. Many times, however, brides just consider the big picture - and often forget how uncomfortable they may be during the ceremony or reception in a hot, heavy dress with four-inch heels. It's a bad scenario, but it happens. To keep you up, dancing, and mingling with your guests, here are a few of the most essential bride must-haves for your wedding day. With a little forethought and a carefully packed cocktail bag, you can be prepared for whatever the day has in store with … [Read more...]

Christmas Gifts for Men: What To Buy Your Husband This Year

I find it difficult to shop for my husband for two reasons. The first is that he tends to buy whatever he wants the day it comes out. This means he may get a birthday present weeks early, and he struggles with waiting to open Christmas presents. The other problem is that he is very particular about the make or model of whatever he currently wants. He loves to research, and so it can be difficult to make sure I have exactly the right model. Here are some ideas that will make shopping for your husband just a bit easier this holiday season. Technology Gifts The iPad Mini is a great gift if your husband does not already have a tablet, or is looking for something that offers a bit more than a smart phone. The iPad Mini is the perfect size and balance for a portable computer. The interface … [Read more...]

Twenty Summer Date Ideas

Want some ideas on what to do with your sweetie this summer? It can be hard thinking of things to do sometimes. Let these ideas help inspire you. Don’t limit yourself to them. Use them as a springboard for even more. #1. Go on a Picnic This is an obvious summer date idea that gets forgotten way too often. Honestly, when did you go on a real picnic? Pack up a basket or cooler of sandwiches, cold friend chicken, fresh fruit, and drinks. Smoked salmon and crackers are also good. Or you can grab something from a restaurant and take it with you. Depends on you entirely. Don’t forget the blanket. Find a shady place without a lot of people around and sit at a picnic table or on the ground. Make it really special with a bottle of wine. #2. Spend the Day at the Zoo The zoo isn’t … [Read more...]

50 Ways to Spoil Your Man

It could be for Father’s Day. It could be for a birthday or an anniversary. No matter what the reason, there are times that call for your man to be spoiled. It seems so much harder to do that for the men. But when you think about it, you’ll find many ways to spoil your man and have some fun. Adjust these suggestions for your husband, father, brother, or any other man in your life that you want to show how special he is. Get the kids involved. They can make him a crown and a robe for his kingly position. They can help make meals and go to events with him. It is all up to. Here is a list to get you started. Rub His Feet Tickets to Ballgame or Event Cook His Favorite Meal Make His Favorite Drink Make Homemade Bread Let Him Grill Give Him a Day to Himself King for the … [Read more...]