10 Sneaky Ways to Tell Your Spouse ‘I Love You’

Telling your spouse that you love them doesn’t have to be just with the words “I love you”. You can show them with actions or with words. You can voice your feelings or have them see the depths of your love. There are so many unique and fun ways that you can express your love. Here are 10 sneaky ways to tell your spouse that you love them. Why sneaky? Because sneaky can be fun and memorable. An ECard – I can personally attest to how great it is to get an email from my husband that says “I love you”. He sends them throughout the day and periodically sends an ecard. These brighten my day. They appear unexpectedly and can turn a frustrating hour into a smile of love. A Hidden Note – Tuck little notes into your spouse’s briefcase, jacket pocket, purse, backpack, gym bag, book, or … [Read more...]

Finding a Common Interest with Your Spouse

A marriage is a wonderful union of two people who love each other. Nowhere does it say that you have to have much in common to fall in love. But it is important that you find activities that they can do together to help strengthen the bonds of that union. Different Interests The odds are that the husband and wife have very different interests. You are, after all, two unique individuals. Having different interests is great. You shouldn’t be doing everything together, but you don’t want to take it too far. Why? Letting the different interests rule your marriage can damage your relationship. Having different interests that keep you separate can put quite a bit of distance between a husband and wife. If a husband is so obsessed with his hunting, he could be telling his wife that … [Read more...]

Fall Wedding Theme Decorating Ideas

I was married in December under twinkling lights and a light drizzle of freezing rain that made everything look magical. I would never change a thing about that wonderful day, but have often thought of how fun it would be to have a "Fall" wedding. So, here is my chance to share with you how fun a wedding in the heart of Autumn can be! When I think of fall I think of reds and browns, sunflowers and mums, hay and pumpkins, barns and fields dotted with brightly colored trees.. so I thought a perfect setting for a fall wedding would be on a farm. A rustic barn would be a great location for the reception, while the open field (praying for good weather of course) could be where the ceremony takes place. Source An array of bright mums, sunflowers, wheat, and anything else that … [Read more...]

How to Create a Care Package for Your Long Distance Lover

There are many ways to cope with the difficulties associated with a long distance relationship, and one such coping method is creating a care package to show your partner how much he is missed. It’s a simple gesture that doesn’t take a lot of time but is so full of thought and love. Here are several ideas for creating the perfect package: Personalize the Care Package Contents The more you personalize your care package, the more impact it will have. If you include store-bought items, add your own personal touches to make them unique and special. For example, if you buy him a book, write a note on the inside cover or make a bookmark and hide it inside. If he likes chocolate, you can order personalized M&M’s. Get Creative With Your Gifts While it’s great to include some of … [Read more...]

Saying I Love You…in a Way He Understands

Saying I love you comes easily to me (in fact, it’s really not hard for me to say anything at all!). However, saying I love you in a way my husband understands…now that’s a different story. Taking time to understand the way your husband operates can reveal a lot about your relationship. The “less talk, more action” policy has never been truer than it is when attempting to show a man he is truly loved. For instance, here are a few husband gifts you may not have previously considered: Unexpected Love Notes My husband is a man of few words (aren’t most men?). But just because he doesn’t talk a lot doesn’t mean he doesn’t need to hear that I love him. While he may not hear my words, he does notice them when I write them down. That’s why I’ve started leaving him love notes. No…not old … [Read more...]

What to Put On Your Wedding Gift Registry

How many of you out there registered for fine china, crystal and silver flatware that has since gone either unused or barely used? Or maybe you registered for a bath towel warmer or a remote control caddy thinking you'd definitely use those things then ended up selling both in your first yard sale. Here's your opportunity to educate brides-to-be far and wide! Please consider answering one or all of the following questions: What did you put on your wedding gift registry that has been the most beneficial, most used item in your household? What did you put on your wedding gift registry that is either still in it's original box or is collecting dust somewhere? What do WISH you had put on your registry that you didn't? I'll go first. 1. I'd have to say our everyday dishware has … [Read more...]