Creative Thanksgiving Table Ideas

Picture from A Stirring Life Decorating your Thanksgiving table can be a fun way to show off your personality and personal style. Spice it up with a fun centerpiece, place cards, napkin holders, and even display the menu for the day.  Here are several more pictures of different table settings you can draw inspiration from. Do something different this year with your Thanksgiving centerpiece.  I found this beautiful creation over at It's A Wonderful Life.  It can be done with 3 plates some clear glasses, Jelly Beans or Fruit, and leaves, pine cones, etc. It's such a beautiful and unique centerpiece! Place card tutorial by Kari Place cards aren't only to decorate your table and make it look fabulous.  Use them strategically to encourage great conversation and on the flip … [Read more...]

Mouthwatering Brined, Stuffed and Roasted Turkey

Although I am not American, I lived there long enough to fall in love with Thanksgiving.  When I married my American husband I embraced the tradition like it was my own.  With no family traditions to speak of yet, it's been liberating to hijack recipes and ideas from other families so that we can gradually form our own.  Our two little girls hold dual citizenship and I make it a point to educate them on American history and culture.  Even with us living in Ireland this year, we will be having a big feast with lots of other American expats joining us, including my best friend from Texas who recently moved to Germany.  I couldn't be more excited! It's never too early to start to plan Thanksgiving dinner and this fool-proof recipe will make sure your turkey is perfect, even if you … [Read more...]