Fabulous Father’s Day Photo Ideas

With Father's Day quickly approaching you may be unsure what to get the man that has always been there for you, helped tie your shoes and even taught you to ride a bike. Pictures are worth a thousand words and these simple photo ideas are sure to melt even the toughest of Dads' hearts. 1. Caught In the Act Children are always yearning for daddy to play with them. Let's be honest, Dads do give the best horsey back rides! So why not capture their inner youth with a photo that will span the years. (Photo Credit: Christy Peterson Photography) 2. Show Your Silly Side Every Dad has a soft spot for his daughter and if anyone can get him to be silly, it's her. Capture their goofy sides for a picture he will treasure. (Photo Credit: Danic Photography) 3. Try These On For Size There is … [Read more...]

How to Make Personalized Coloring Pages with Photoshop

Here is a fantastic and easy way to make afternoon coloring activities more fun and personal for your kiddos.  In ten quick steps you turn your digital photos into something unique! How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 1 Choose your photograph & open it in Adobe Photoshop.  A simple picture with clean lines and obvious color contrast works best. How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 2 Create a duplicate layer of your photograph.  Make sure it is the dominant layer (listed above the original). How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 3 While on your new layer, go to Image > Adjustments> Desaturate. How to Make a Personalized Coloring Page - Step 4 Duplicate your desaturated layer. How to Make … [Read more...]

7 Portrait Photoshop Actions You Will Love

Photoshop actions. Love them. No, seriously...I LOVE them! If you're unfamiliar with Photoshop actions, this is your lucky day. These time saving short cuts will fast become your best friend; just follow the links below to some of my favorites. You'll be walked through the process and be well on your way to boosting your photography to the next level. Even if you're a seasoned pro you might just find a gem in this set. Did I mention I love them? So with that in mind, here are 7 of my favorite portrait Photoshop actions: Contrast and saturation.  You have to be careful when boosting the color saturation and contrast of a photo; it can get overdone FAST. This tutorial by Jodi Friedman at MCP Actions does an amazing job of walking that line. Too much for you? There's a more … [Read more...]

How To Take Extraordinary Vacation Photos

School is almost out which means summer vacation is right around the corner. Whether you are traveling abroad or enjoying a quiet stay-cation, you can still document your fun filled days with you trusty camera. Follow these tips to take your every day vacation photos to extraordinary vacation photos 1. Be Spontaneous Forget the cliche family picture at the beach. Embrace your fun and silly side for a more memorable and exciting family picture. (Photo Credit: Bookt) 2. Soak In The Scenery I am a sucker for street scene and pictures of doors. Look for opportunities to capture the town in various lighting. I love the depth of this picture after an afternoon rainfall. (Photo Credit: Scenic Reflections) 3. Savor The Sunsets Nothing is better than soaking in the colors and warmth of a … [Read more...]

Make Your Photos Look Like Paintings

With all the free photo editing sites, it's easy to get high quality pictures from any camera. One of my favorite editing tools takes your photograph and turns it into a painting. With all the photo editing options out there it is also easy to get overwhelmed. So we gathered the best of the best so you can turn your photographs, into beautiful pieces of artwork. Pixel Bender Pixel Bender Oil Paint easily turns your pictures into soft oil paintings. It also allows you to generate a wide variety of elaborate fractals and turn the lower edge of an image into a number of tendrils that wave as you move them. (Photo Credit: Helen Bradley) Psykopaint Psykopaint allows you to paint unique pieces of art from your photos. Psykopaint works in a unique way by selecting the colors from your … [Read more...]

When To Make a Photo Black and White

Black and white photographs were once the purview of history and artists...but no more!  The digital photography age has brought black and white photography to everyone with a digital camera or scanner, opening up gorgeous possibilities to a photo frame near you. But some find the choices a bit daunting and overwhelming.  Just when should a photo be taken in black and white...or made black and white in post-processing?  When is it best to remove colors and let the image stand only in grayscale or in a washed-out sepia tone?  When is black and white best for a photograph? Knowing when to make a photograph black and white is all about knowing the strengths of the medium.  The following tips will help you do just that. Removes distractions so that the real subject grabs the … [Read more...]