10 Free Knitting Patterns For Baby Shoes!

Is there anything more precious than itty bitty baby feet? Especially when they're covered in soft, adorable hand-knit booties? Of course not! If you're a knitter and you have any small folk in your life, pull out your needles and half a skein of yarn. These ten free patterns for knit baby booties are perfect for the next set of crinkly little baby toes you'll meet. 1/ These simple cable knit booties are almost too perfect! (Cable Knit Booties from Epipa on Ravelry) 2/  With their tiny strap and button, these Mary Jane baby shoes will look precious with that baby girl's new little dress. (Mary Jane Button Strap Shoes at Domesticspace) 3/ These folded shoes from renowned fiber artist Susan B. Anderson can be made in a jiffy, and they're absolutely precious. Folded Cotton Booties at … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty

Coconut Oil has been around as long as coconuts have been around. Although, only in recent years have the health and beauty benefits been popping up all over the internet. There are hundreds of ways to use coconut oil for health and beauty, home care, pet care and even in cooking. Considering all of the ways it can be used, it's an inexpensive and wonderful natural remedy. Today I have 11 ways that you can use coconut oil that you may or may not have ever heard of. Most of these ways are unconventional but, very effective. Read on to see which way you'll try today! Oil Pulling - Pop a couple of tablespoons of Coconut Oil into your mouth and swish it around for 10 minutes or so {make sure to spit it out into the trash can, as it can clog your sink pipes or toilet}. The results are … [Read more...]

Maternity Photography Pose Ideas

Maternity Photography has been a burgeoning trend for several years. For great reason; there are few other times in life that are as fleeting, unique, and special.  Capturing the memories with a camera to document the milestones is what photography is all about. Whether you're a long-time professional photographer, a newcomer to the art, or simply have a friend who'd love for you to shoot a few photos of her during this special time, you're sure to find inspiration in these seven gorgeous photos. It's a joyous time...let it be that! Let your subjects have fun, be relaxed, and enjoy the experience. This is a wonderful example of just letting lose and having a great time. Don't forget props. They can be fun and help tell the story. Be careful to not overuse, however. Don't … [Read more...]

DIY Homemade Baby Mobiles

From black and white contrast to colorful, from ruffles to repurposing other materials, there are so many different options if you wish to craft your baby's mobile yourself. You need not purchase a mass-produced store mobile for you baby - you can flex your creative and crafty muscle and make a mobile for your infant's room that will be unique and special. [imagebrowser id=45] … [Read more...]

Crafty Modern Mobile for Your Nursery

I spotted this pin when I first got pregnant and knew that I wanted to make a mobile like it for our gender neutral nursery. We decorated our nursery to the theme of 'You are my sunshine...when clouds are grey', painting the walls grey and having yellow, black, and white accents. We decided to hang this mobile over the glider, but it would have also looked great over the changing table or the crib! Even though it's a tedious and time consuming project, it was so fun to recreate a 'pin' from pinterest in real life. I think this mobile completes the room! Luckily, I recruited an army of women (a.k.a. my mother and sisters) to help me out with this project. We knocked it out in one afternoon! I hope you like it and find a fun place to hang your mobile for the … [Read more...]

Baby Names That Mean Love

Sometimes the inspiration for your baby's name seems to come out of nowhere, and sometimes you have to reach to find just the right one.  But what about the baby who is born in February, close to Valentine’s Day?  Or maybe the baby was the result of a special Valentine’s Day date?  Either way, perhaps you are looking for a baby name that means love.  Look no further, I have some ideas to spark your imagination!  Names that literally mean love.  A quick google search comes up with a list of words from different languages that mean “love,” “to love,” or some variation of this.  Ceri is the Welsh word meaning “to love.”  Mana is a Japanese name meaning “affection, love.”  Chiba is a Hebrew name meaning “love.”  Davi is the Brazilian form of David, which means “beloved.”  If you are looking … [Read more...]

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