8 DIY Kitchen Islands For Every Budget and Ability

There never seems to be enough cabinets and countertops in your kitchen, huh? Take a look at your floor space...do you have room to squeeze in an island? Take a look at these eight gorgeous DIY kitchen islands; perhaps one of them will be adorning your kitchen soon! This? Ingenious! Two dressers side to side, painted the same color, and stenciled for added zip! DIY idea by Remodeling Guy. Have an old desk? Need a kitchen island? This tutorial by My Repurposed Life has your solution. Some castors, some glue gun action, some primer and paint. Bazinga! I love this gorgeous piece was created by Killer B. Design...it makes a solid statement and was created on a serious budget. Ready for a real project? This beadboard and stainless island tutorial from DIY network uses stock cabinets … [Read more...]

Home Decor DIY – Gold Leaf Bottles

If you have looked at any style or interior design posts lately, you have noticed that gold and brass are back in a big way, from personal accessories to home décor.  Although you may not want to commit to a brass coffee table or étagère, accessories are a great and inexpensive way to start.   Rob Colosi McCann  is an interior designer and co-founder of Inside Home, an interior design showroom and retail store based in Chicago.  Here's how he transforms a wine bottle into vase that will add just a bit of glamor to any room (and now you can too- Thanks to Rob!). What you will need: Wine Bottle (I am using the Mer Soleil Silver Unoaked Chardonnay bottle, I love the grey ceramic against the gold leaf) Mini glass scraper razor blade (for removing the label off of the … [Read more...]

8 Upcycled Tables

Love me some upcycling, y'all. And these tables are crazy clever. Best part? I definitely could create at least some of these in an afternoon. Now I just need to find a spare afternoon. There are styles for every home...from modern to traditional to funky and eclectic. Which is your favorite? 1.)  Industrial Coffee Tables by Giddy Upcycle. 2.) Box Side Table by Decor Simple. 3.)  Hand Painted Turquoise Teal Upcycled Table with Birds  by Meredith Brooks Etsy. 1.) Library Card File Drawers by The Painted Hive. 2.) Book Table found on Ebay (too bad it's sold!). 3.)  Vintage Pinball Machine by Custom Made. 1.) Upcycled Vintage Yardstick Table by DIY Cozy Home. 2.) Upcycled Chair to Side Table by The Happier Homemaker. Have an upcycled table you've created? Or are … [Read more...]

Easy Pallet Art

There is a lot of beautiful pallet decor out to be found, especially on Pinterest. After spending way too much time stalking my favorite boards, I decided I wanted to add a beachy distressed piece to the wall in my living room. If you have access to reclaimed wood pallets, you can skip some of the supplies listed and jump right into the priming and painting step of the tutorial. Our home has many shades of blue that gravitate toward navy, turquoise, and aqua. Supplies for diy pallet art: Two 1"x4"x10' 1.25" screws Clamp Drill and bit set. Metal objects to distress the wood. (hammer, chain, etc) Craft paint in your favorite color for stenciling Stencil or I cut out letters that I printed Spray Paint- combination paint and primer is useful in this case, I used … [Read more...]

Furniture Painting Tips from Angela Statzer

"The feeling of satisfaction from taking something ugly and making it usable has never left me. To find, create, and redo is my passion." Angela Statzer. This past weekend I had the privilege of attending the Becoming Conference on behalf of One2One Network. Angela Statzer of Button Bird Design presented Find, Create, Redo a session on repainting wooden furniture. Angela opened the session saying she wasn't a professional speaker.  She can claim not to be a speaker, but she has the heart of a teacher that shone as she described her craft to the Becoming Conference attendees. Angela walked the session through the entire process. Finding a piece to refinish. According to Angela, yardsaling is by far the most cost effective method of sourcing wooden furniture for repainting. She … [Read more...]

Stained Shirts Into Masterpieces

Everyone has a stained shirt. Many times it happens to be one of your favorites. What do you do with it? Toss it out? Turn it into rags? Those are some of your options, but they might not be the best option. Turn your stained shirt into a work of art. Yes, your stained shirt can be a masterpiece. Take one of your favorite shirts that has that spaghetti sauce stain right in the front. You cannot wear it anymore, yet you love it so much. Go to your local craft store and purchase some fabric paint along with any needed brushes and cleaning supplies. If you are not too great at free style drawing and painting, pick up some stencils of various sizes to help you out. If your shirt is of a delicate style, choose stencils of small berries, flowers, butterflies, and so forth. Start off … [Read more...]