Positively Beautiful – Arbonne Essentials and A Healthier You

Beautiful. You. - How Arbonne Essentials Help Promote Inner Beauty It's the fourth month of the new year and we know a few things: Spring is finally here (mostly), flowers are now starting to bloom and there are approximately less than 12 weeks of school for the year. Time is flying by and I have only one question: do you know where your health resolutions are? If you're like the masses, you wrote down your visions and made plans to live a healthier, more abundant life. You began strong but faltered along the way as life, time and family exercised its right to take precedence over all other things. But you can get right back into the swing of things and Arbonne Essentials can provide you with the energy boost you'll need. Here are some products that I found to have the most impact on … [Read more...]

Exercise Acne Treatment Tips From A Dermatologist

This is part 2 of my series on exercise acne.  In part 1 I describe this type of acne, called pityrosporum folliculitis.  In part 2 I'm going to tell you how I treat my patients who have it. If you’re prone to the type of acne that comes from sweating and exercise then you probably get tender bright red pimples and clogged pores along your hairline, jawline, neck back and chest. All the parts of your face can be affected, but these are usually the worst areas.  The pimples heal leaving scars and brown marks.  It’s important to try to treat and prevent these breakouts to help prevent the scars. This type of acne is caused by a skin yeast germ called pityrosporum.  The yeast grows excessively on sweaty and oily skin for some people and exercise makes it worse. Controlling your exercise … [Read more...]

Ardyss Body Magic: A Product Review

"Drop up to 3 sizes in 10 minutes!". If you heard this advertisement, your initial reaction would most likely be to brush it off as some sort of gimmick not to be taken seriously. But this is what the Mexican based company Ardyss International stakes their entire reputation upon. When I was introduced to the flagship product "Body Magic," I thought it was just another girdle. Until I put it on. Let's just say the 3 sizes in 10 minutes tagline is more than just a clever marketing phrase. It actually took 5 inches off my waist, lifted my butt, breast and self-confidence. My body was completely reshaped. My waist was so small I could hardly believe it. My stomach was my problem area until Body Magic solved the problem. The garment totally changes the way you look and fit into your clothes. … [Read more...]