11 Festive Holiday Home Decor Ideas

There's something so very fun about seeing the different ways that each home is decorated for the Holidays. From traditional decor to bright and colorful, everyone has their own way of expressing their personal Christmas Style. Even though you've been decorating your home for years and know what you like, I bet there's still a corner undecorated that could use a bit of festive cheer. Here are a few ideas that you're sure to love! /1/ Traditional Christmas Mantel - The grouping on this mantel perfectly combines things old and new. From the cross-stitched Joy to the World to the stockings made from modern fabrics, there's something for all generations to like. /2/ Staircase Entry Decoration -  This beautiful Holiday home decor makes me wish I had a stair case. Each step illuminated with … [Read more...]

Holiday Wreaths that Dazzle

'Tis the season to dress your front door up with a fancy, new Holiday wreath. The big box stores all seem to have very similar wreaths for sale. They are either green or red or a combination of the two colors. What if your decor isn't just green and red? What if you aren't able to find a wreath in stores that expresses your personal decorating style? The perfect solution is to make your own! Today I have a handful of tutorials on Holiday wreaths that can let your guests see just how fun and quirky, rustic and woodsy or somewhere in between you are. /1/ Pom Pom Wreath - Did you make pom-pom's when you were a kid? Remember, you wrapped and wrapped yarn around a piece of cardboard, tied it off and then cut it to reveal a fluffy, yarn pom-pom. Now, you can buy pom-pom making kits in craft … [Read more...]

Stunning Home Decor DIYs With Gold Leaf Foil

Gold leaf home decor items are all the rage again with good reason. They add a bright sparkle of decadence to a home that is warm and inviting and luxurious. So pretty! But if you can't find just the right accent piece don't despair - you can make it with one of these fabulous gold leaf home decor DIYs. DIY Gold Leaf Vase for Metallic Home Accents Add a pop of warmth and brilliance to any coffee table or shelf. From Blissfully Domestic Gold Leaf Art Work for Wall Art or Framed Pieces Love this creative gold leaf wall art! Use a stencil to create any design you want...so smart! From Lovely Indeed I also really liked this framed print. When she couldn't find the right print to match this stunning frame, she made her own! From Live Love DIY DIY Gold Leaf … [Read more...]

On Trend – Decorating with Geometrics

Designing with Geometrics  by Rob Colosi-McCann from Inside Home in Chicago This season designers are introducing an array of items from table lamps to wallpaper that recall the bold geometric artwork of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Artist like Josef Albers and Victor Vasarely pioneered the art of manipulating shapes and colors to create unparalleled visual experiences, which still remain fresh and modern today. Here are a few items that can help bring a bit of this timeless style to your home. 1. Puzzle Table by Regina Andrew 2. Baroque Box by Arteriors 3. Kimo Container by Arteriors 4.Geo Terrarium From Inside Home 5.Drea Table Lamp from Arteriors 6. Original Painting by Kimberly Creswell 7.Destinations Rug by Surya 8. Hicks Grand Wallpaper by Cole & … [Read more...]

Fabulous Indoor Terrarium Inspirations

By the time the end of winter comes around I'm craving green growing things. And right now I'm kind of obsessed with terrariums - it's a great way to bring beautiful plants into the home and create these magical looking little worlds of growing beautiful things. The cool thing about terrariums is that there are now so many amazing and beautiful glass containers available that a terrarium doesn't have to be a boring fishtank. Check out these fabulous terrarium inspirations. Hanging Terrarium Globes These hanging glass globes are perfect for hanging accent pieces or grouping together for an eye-catching look. They don't hold very many plants so choose an accent plant wisely - Check out this gorgeous tutorial at Ciera Design. Recycled Wall Lantern Terrarium This adorable … [Read more...]

12 Simple DIY Solutions to Organize Your Home

The New Year is the perfect time to start fresh and anew. It's the best time to purge and get organized! If you're like me, you have little piles of "stuff" lingering in different corners of the house. There's a tabletop or surface that becomes the "catch all" as you walk through the door. When you desperately need a pen, there's not a pen to be found...I have some DIY organization solutions for you today! /1/ Distressed Mason Jars - These beautiful mason jars are perfect for the craft room to organize paint brushes and markers or the office space to organize pens and pencils. /2/ Folding Chair Command Center - I love using common items for not-so-common purposes! This folding chair command center is perfect for unusual art and is still great for extra seating. /3/ Sofa … [Read more...]