6 Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

In this digital age it's sometimes easy to leave all of your cherished memories on a hard drive. It's time to get those photos off of your computer and into your home! Here are six creative ways to display your photos in your home... 1. Create a Canvas Photo Gallery Puzzle - I love this concept of grouping several images from a photo shoot (or special trip) together to form one large shape. You can chose a variety of sizes to create a large square or rectangle - the options are almost endless! When put all together it creates a clean looking gallery of wonderful memories. 2. Think Outside the Box - You certainly don't need to stick to just square and rectangles when creating a gallery. Break out of the "box" by creating hearts, triangles or even circles with your photos. Get … [Read more...]

Decorate and DIY with Vintage World Globes

When decorating or creating eye-popping DIY projects with globes there is a WORLD of possibilities. Literally. Today I've gathered a collection of decorating ideas and DIY projects that will leave you longing to go antique shopping to find the perfect world globe {or ten}! Everything about this grouping makes me happy. The number five to indicate the number of family members, the bright yellow cabinet and most of all the GLOBES! Do you enjoy traveling? Re-create this vintage suitcase and world globe stack in your front entryway and let all your guests in on your passion. This collaboration of an atlas and world globes would be fabulous in a child's playroom or a homeschool classroom. That space above your cabinets is often wasted...unless you fill it with colorful, … [Read more...]

How to Decorate with Picture Frames

Picture Frames. We use picture frames  to display photos of loved ones, they surround the artwork on our walls, and perhaps a favorite drawing from the kids. But they can be so much more than that! Frames can be decor in and of themselves...and if you think outside of the box, you can really pack a huge design punch with them. Plus, you can pick them up at a second-hand store for next to nothing, so these looks don't have to break the bank! I love this look; frames of all different sizes and styles arranged beautifully. There are even a couple of empty ones in there, helping to balance the white space and making sure that the whole look doesn't get too busy. Great look from That Funky Boutique! I've always wanted to try this...hang artwork and frames from a bookshelf. … [Read more...]

Decorating with Vintage Cameras

In case you don't know this yet...I love photography. I also happen to love shopping at thrift stores. And who doesn't like prettying up their living quarters? Lookee what I found!  A way to combine all three...decorating with vintage cameras! Pure genius...vintage cameras turned into night lights by photographer Jason Hull.  How adorable are THEY? Well done! Clever, clever clever.  This tutorial explains how this wall art was created using vintage cameras and inexpensive frames. This decorator found inspiration in an advertisement and made it her own.  Vintage cameras displayed as accessories.  LOVE. How would you decorate with vintage cameras?   … [Read more...]

Ultimate Guide to Summer Home Improvement

Summer's here and it's the perfect time for DIY projects! Need some inspiration? You've come to the right place. We've pulled together a few dozen of the coolest summer projects ever. Read on to find amazing ideas to improve your home this season. Spruce up your interiors with these fantastic ideas. Try your hand at this surprisingly simple stenciled wallpaper from The Lovely Cupboard. The project takes very little materials and costs only $15. It does require both precision and patience, but as you can see, the results are totally worth your investment. Create a one of a kind painted glass table top with this tutorial from Kara Paslay Designs. Got blank walls? Leigh Dusek wrote a great guide on how to fill a large blank wall on a budget. And over at style list.com, you can … [Read more...]

Easy Pallet Art

There is a lot of beautiful pallet decor out to be found, especially on Pinterest. After spending way too much time stalking my favorite boards, I decided I wanted to add a beachy distressed piece to the wall in my living room. If you have access to reclaimed wood pallets, you can skip some of the supplies listed and jump right into the priming and painting step of the tutorial. Our home has many shades of blue that gravitate toward navy, turquoise, and aqua. Supplies for diy pallet art: Two 1"x4"x10' 1.25" screws Clamp Drill and bit set. Metal objects to distress the wood. (hammer, chain, etc) Craft paint in your favorite color for stenciling Stencil or I cut out letters that I printed Spray Paint- combination paint and primer is useful in this case, I used … [Read more...]